11 ways to improve your Facebook ad targeting

When it comes to running a Facebook (TM) ad, there is a lot you need to know. There’s graphics, targeting, optimization, conversion, and well – a lot!

While you could spend months and even years mastering everything, there is ONE element that will help you 80/20 your effort and results.

That’s targeting.

Targeting refers to aiming your ads at a specific user group, based on their behavior. And your expectations as to whether or not this group will purchase whatever it is you are selling.

If you are new at selling something online, or just have trouble deciding whom to target, these 11 principles should help:

1.) Know exactly what your customers are interested in

This means that you will be able to target the people who have showed that they are interested in certain pages related to a particular topic. This is known as interest based targeting but it does not need to be confused with the likes targeting. The interest targeting means that you are going to be targeting the larger audiences.

2.) Look for people who are in the market for what you are trying to sell

In other words, look for people who are wanting to buy something specific. For example, if you are a car dealership then you need to be looking for people who are looking for new cars. You can find this information in the Behavior section in the ad set settings. You can experiment with the ad targeting option to see what options are going to work.

3.) Target People based on financial resources

If you sell a product or service that is suppose to be cheaper than the competitors, then this is going to be useful for your company. By being able to target the people based on their income, then you are going to have a better chance of getting the people who want to buy any of your products. Therefore, you are going to know what words that you will need to include in your advertisements on Facebook (TM).

4.) Combine Age and Gender with Location

Instead of trying to target certain geographic areas, it is a good idea to add a group of ages and gender into the mix. This is going to be based on the information that a person shares on their profile like their gender, age, and the city that they are currently living in. You can also do zip code targeting if you are looking in the United States.

5.) Target People based on their occupation

If you are selling particular products and services based on a person who works in a certain industry, then you are going to need to look for these people. All that you have to do is under the targeting method with the industries or job title section. Based on exactly what you are looking for, you can even use the office type to target certain people.

6.) Promote to People Based on Home ownership Status

This means that you are going to be looking for people who own their own home. You could also look for people who are renting or buying their first home. This is because if you are a car dealership, these might be the people who are going to be more likely to be looking at buying a new car. This is going to be found under the home type and household composition.

7.) Filter by Level of Education and Academic Degrees

You will be looking for people who have graduated from college, has a doctorate degree, or people who studied certain things when they were in college. This is because these particular people could be looking for certain products that you sell or services that you might offer. You can use this option to make sure only the people that you want is going to look at your Facebook (TM) ads.

8.) Target Ethnic Affinities

This is going to be based on the brand that you are going to be selling. Your product could be more targeted for African Americans, Hispanics, or Asian Americans. This option is found under demographics but it is only going to be available if you are looking in the United States. This is because the data on Facebook (TM) is based on the ad targeting from people in the United States.

9.) Reach out to parents

Not only will you have the opportunity to target parents, but you can also look for parents based on the age of their children. Therefore, if you sell toys that are based on children of certain ages, then these are the parents that you are going to want to target the most.

10.) An Upcoming Anniversary

You can target people who have an anniversary coming up if you sell a product that people might be wanting to buy as an anniversary gift for their spouse. With this category, you can look for people who might have an anniversary coming within the next 30 days. This can really drive a sale of your products.

11.) Celebrating a Milestone

You can look for people who might be celebrating a milestone like an anniversary, birthday, or even a new job. Most of the time, your are going to be looking for someone who is having a birthday. This allows you to see what that person might be wanting for their birthday so you know what to advertise to them.

So I hope this was useful!

If so – I’d love for you to share this with some people, and leave a comment on this page as well.

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