4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversions

Running a Facebook ad is an effective way to attract new clients and generate more business for your company. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t get as many customers as they could because their Facebook ads are not properly optimized. With just a few tweaks, you can have better optimize your ads, lower cost per click and attract more customers through Facebook advertising. The following are 4 simple, cost-effective tactics people can use to make their Facebook advertising campaigns more effective and maximize their performance.

1. Have Several Objectives In One Ad

Simultaneously optimizing your ads on Facebook to provide multiple benefits that work together is a great way to make the ads more productive. At the end of the day – if one ad can give you multiple objectives, you will get clear insights on how things are going.

By adding a link to your website within the text in the ad, you can raise awareness about your company, encourage likes and promote your page. When people visit the webpage using the link and find valuable information, it increases their trust in the business and will make more of them engage with you on your Facebook page and group.

If people enjoy and value the content they find on the website; it increases the likelihood they will regularly visit both the website and the Facebook page and do business with the company.

2. Refine Your Audience Using Targeting Features

Narrowing your target audience can make your low-cost Facebook advertising perform better. This helps the ad campaign connect with the right people and improves the chances the people reading the ad will be interested in the product or service your company offers. Which in-turn leads to a higher conversion rate and more customers, revenue and profits.

You can define your target audience within your Facebook advertising based on their location, proximity to your store, interests, age, gender, educational level, profession or expressed interests. This will result in lower cost per click because you won’t spend advertising dollars on people not interested in your products.

When defining your advertising parameters to optimize targeted advertising, picture your ideal customer.

Tailor the text and imagery in the add to include information that’s important to them. This will attract their interest and draw them to your products or services. Target the ads only to people within the demographic you are trying to reach. This will yield more high-value customers and improve the results of your marketing campaigns. As part of your detailed targeting, adding a targeted call to action like ‘Visit our New York location’ helps reach your target audience and increases your chances of engaging them with the ad.

3. Deals and Discounts – Use Special Offers To Increase Conversions

Special offers are a very effective tactic for increasing sales. In the past year, over 90% of shoppers used coupons or discount codes when making purchases. Adding discount codes and special offers to your Facebook advertising is a simple way to increase conversions. When people interested in your products and services see special discounts in your ads on Facebook, it gives them added incentive to make a purchase. This is a classic technique marketing professionals have long used to attract both new and existing customers and entice them to purchase certain products or services.

Special offers boost sales and conversions because it gives people extra motivation to buy from your business products and services in which they have an interest. People love saving money. Offering them good discounts can get shoppers to act quickly and encourage people that are simply browsing to become first-time buyers. This tactic is used even by large companies like Amazon to influence people’s buying decisions. Businesses with a small marketing budget can also use special discounts and get great results from the consumers they are targeting with their Facebook advertising campaigns.

4. Use Split Testing To Identify Top-performing Ads

This might be a little advanced, but it’s important. Split testing your Facebook advertising campaigns is essential for businesses with a small advertising budget.

This helps identify ads that are performing well and allows you to adjust your spending to get the most lucrative results. You can then stop running poor performing ads and invest more resources in Facebook ads that work well. This strategy will enable you to get the best possible return on your investment and increase conversions.

Regularly analyzing the performance of your ads on Facebook and shifting resources as necessary can help minimize wasted effort and resources and provide better optimization of your Facebook advertising efforts.

You can go one-step further by using AdConnect – a powerful ad + landing page optimization platform. This allows you to match your ads EXACTLY with your landing pages, allowing you to deliver the perfect message – both in the ad, and on the landing pages.

Facebook ads can be a very effective marketing tool. The key is using them in combination with the best marketing tactics. A wide variety of discount vouchers and codes can also be used to track the effectiveness of specific ads or your entire Facebook ad campaign. This can help to maximize the return you get on the small investment it takes to purchase the ads. Many businesses advertising on Facebook simply need to tweak their ads to increase their conversion rate.

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