5 Membership Niches for 2018 – Turn Your Prospect’s Pain Into Your Gain

If you are in the online marketing business, then you are no stranger to terms like “membership site” and “pain point”. In fact, any experienced marketer knows that these are the key factors to a successful online business. It is a pretty straightforward process. Entrepreneurs identify customers’ pain points (problems) and focus their membership site(s) on solving them. But, what is really important, is identifying the right pain points for the right customers at the right moment. And, to be honest, this is easier said than done.

The launch of a membership site is preceded by months of brainstorming, research, and sleepless nights. So, with this in mind, we’ve decided to help new entrepreneurs (or those who want to start yet another successful membership site) by identifying the hottest niches for 2018. We offer a range of key pain points in each of these niches, along with useful advice on specific sub-niches.

#1 Health and Wellness

Health membership

Saying that this niche is huge would be an understatement. With predictions that the global health and wellness sales for 2017  would hit a record of US$1 trillion, we can only expect the numbers to go up in 2018. What’s more, this is an evergreen niche, meaning it is here to stay! No matter the trends, people will strive to be healthy and fit. So, creating a membership site in this niche is always a good idea. Here we offer you the sub-niches that are expected to mark 2018, their market size, and the products you should be focusing on.


Natural Beauty: The consumers’ shift towards a healthier lifestyle doesn’t only affect the food industry. The beauty and cosmetics industry is also affected by it. In fact, natural and organic beauty products are predicted to reach a peak in 2018. This ever-growing market is expected to reach 2 billion dollars in 2018. Meaning this is the perfect time for you to create a membership site.

  •         Key pain points: “it’s difficult to get rid of acne”,I can’t keep my skin soft”, “It’s difficult to find an effective deodorant with no alcohol or aluminum”
  •         Example products:
    – Recipe membership sites for organic/clean living
    – How to meditate – from beginners to advanced
  •         Learn more about it:

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Weight Loss: According to the World Health Organisation, worldwide obesity has tripled since 1975. This is a very distressing fact, but it also means that weight loss will be a profitable business for years to come. The revenue of the U.S. weight-loss industry is $66 billion. So, having only a tiny piece of the pie will be more than sufficient to cover your monthly expenses.

  •         Key pain points: “It’s too difficult to manage a diet plan”, “It’s difficult to make time for exercise”, “Which foods are low in calories”
  •         Example products:
    – Atkins/Paleo/similar diet plan lasting a few months
    – The perfect guide to Intermittent Fasting
  •         Learn more about it:

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# 2 Pet Supplies

Pet supplies membership

According to the latest American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners Survey (APPA), approximately 68% of the households in the U. S. own a pet. In numbers, that equals 84.6 million pet-owning households. So, the prediction that the pet industry will reach $96 billion in 2020 in the US solely, should give you a broader perspective on how lucrative this niche is. In fact, you don’t have to look any further than your own neighborhood. If you don’t own a pet, then your next door neighbor must have one. And sure enough, they treat their furry friend as part of the family. The sub-niches that are going to be hot this year are pet health and pet accessories.

Pet Health:

The adjectives organic and natural, don’t stop at human products only. The hype surrounding organic products affects the pet industry as well. Since pet owners want the best for their four-legged friends, they tend to buy natural/organic products for them. Moreover, many households have dogs and cats that have been with them since infancy. This, in turn, means that as their pets grow old, their bond becomes stronger, and the medical care expenses become bigger. Age-related conditions like bone disease, heart disease, cancer and even diabetes, affect animals as well, and the price tag on products made for senior pets is much higher.

  •         Key pain points: “is commercial dog food good for my dog” “my (longtime) pet has a swollen leg” “my pet vomited and I don’t know what to do” “my dog is sick and the vet is closed”
  •         Example products:
    – Recipes to make quick and easy AMAZING pet food right at home
    – Video series to help your pet getting through its last years
  •         Learn more about it:  

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Pet accessories

There’s nothing cuter than “a suited” pet. But pet clothes are only a fraction of the pet accessories niche. Pet owners want to give their “babies” the best of everything there is. So, buying fancy collars or engraved tags is something pet owners do year round. Not to mention, many pets have their own social media profiles, leading to an even bigger pet accessories frenzy. The chance to cash in on this trend is yours to grab! How you ask? Just as there are fashion blogs for people, there can also be fashion blogs for pets. Also how to videos may prove very lucrative especially with new accessories and their use.

  •         Key pain points: “it’s difficult to keep up with the newest pet trends” “my dog is difficult to groom” “I want the newest toys for my pet”
  •         Example products:
    – Tips on fashioning up your pet for its next outing!
    – Comprehensive guide to training aids for dogs 
  •         Learn more about it:

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#3 Dating

Dating Membership

Revenue in the “Online Dating” segment amounts to US$1,383m in 2018. This fact speaks volumes about how big this niche actually is. An even more appealing fact is that this is one of the evergreen niches. For as long as there are people there will be love as well. The sub-niches we expect to be ‘’in’’ this year are dating by interest and healing a broken heart.

Finding the right person

Creating your membership site around people’s common interests may be a very lucrative online business. Birds of a feather flock together, so they say, and old proverbs have made their way in modern history for a reason. An online site that helps people understand who their match made in heaven is, is bound to be successful.

  •         Key pain points: “it’s difficult to find someone who understands me” “finding someone who shares my interests seems to be rocket science” “I don’t feel like I am with the right person”
  •         Example products:
    – How to meet women anywhere you go!
    – How to talk to anyone, anytime
  •         Learn more about it:

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Healing a broken heart

Healing a broken heart is a very difficult process, and even though it might sound cruel at first thought, creating a membership site that will help people get over someone is actually a great idea. Users will get a chance at feeling better and you will get a chance at earning some money.

  •         Key pain points: “it’s too difficult to let go of someone after years together” “it’s too difficult to get over someone I meet on a daily basis” “how to stay friends with my ex”
  •         Example products:
    – Getting over your ex
    – Boosting your self-esteem in 7 short days
  •         Learn more about it:

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#4 Personal Development  

personal development

The desire for improvement runs in our veins. As human beings, we strive for perfection both when it comes to our physical and our mental health. The personal development market deals with the latter. And it’s safe to say this market is HUGE. Anything, from how to build your self-esteem, to how to how to become successful, can be part of this niche. The personal development market is expected to grow to $13.2 billion by 2022. But based on our research the most lucrative sub-niches will be self-improvement and stress management.


People are becoming more aware that self-improvement is a vital part of becoming the person they want to be. And this means that 2018 won’t be short of personal development articles, books, and lessons. It just seems the time is ripe for your new self-improvement membership site.

  •         Key pain points: “it’s difficult to be the best version of myself in the times we live in” “I want to feel better about myself”
  •         Example products:
    – How to become the best version of yourself
    – How to dress to be the person you aspire to be
  •         Learn more about it:

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Stress management

The stress management niche is a multi-billion dollar niche. With the right guidance, you will have a head start in making a profit from it. The market’s worth is $13.9 billion dollars and it is expected to have an annual growth of at least 10%. The best part about it? You can go about this niche in a million different ways. So as long as you secure a unique angle, you don’t have to be worried about it being overcrowded.

  •         Key pain points: “it’s difficult not to take work stress home with me” “how to use stress to my advantage” “it’s difficult to reduce stress to a minimum”
  •         Example products:
    – Meditation in 30 minutes
    – Everyday things you can do to feel better!
  •         Learn more about it:

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#5 Cryptocurrency


This is a relatively new niche and one that threw people into a frenzy back in 2017. But, predictions are it will be as popular this year. Why you ask? Well, everyone, from grannies to 9-year olds, knows what a bitcoin is. And people are starting to be more and more interested in this new payment method. But, lucky for perspective online entrepreneurs using bitcoins, bitcoin mining, and everything connected to the cryptocurrency niche is still confusing for many people. We sense many “how to” blog posts and videos coming.

  •         Key pain points: “it’s difficult to have an individual wallet for every coin I use” “I don’t like waiting for confirmations” “I’m afraid I might confuse my private key for my public one” “cryptocurrencies are too difficult to handle”
  •         Example products:
    – How to set up and securely manage your cryptocurrency
    – How to trade cryptocurrency for profit
  •         Learn more about it:

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Well, that’s all folks! Now you are fully equipped to embark on the venture that is creating your very own membership site. Bon voyage!

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