Adaptively’s $100M Journey “The End”

It was now official

Steven and I had just received the number we once planned to hit. Even though we haven’t yet hit $100M in revenue, it was only inevitable that someone wants to buy us out for that sum of money.

It’s not a small amount by any means.

But it does seem small considering what we have created over the last few years.

How it all started

Initially – Adaptively started as a pipe-dream. Steven and I had met years ago at a marketing event in the US, and during our first few days at the event, we both went skydiving.

The thrill of the adventure really helped us openly talk about what we wanted to create – what impact did we want to leave on the world.

We were both inching towards the same thing – adaptive websites.
Now, this term will mean SO much to you right now…but back when we first spoke – Steven and I – all it meant was “websites that change dynamically based on user behavior, performance and expectations.”

But that was a RADICAL idea

You see – back then – it was impossible to switch through trillions of iterations of a web-page in real time. Changes were always static. If you wanted to load up a customized page for a visitor – you had to prepare it in advance, expecting every little nuance to be perfectly laid out.

The concept of changing colors on a website based on user behavior, performance and expectations were non-existent.

The concept of changing content based on user behavior, performance and expectations were out of the question.

The concept of changing the sales process based on user behavior, performance and expectations were just impossible.

With Adaptively – we changed all of that.

And now we are at a cross-roads.

Will we sell, or will we continue pushing this further?

I don’t yet know.

But check back with me tomorrow – we will be a step further in our journey.

If you made it this far – I appreciate you reading through.

This is us committing to a future that we wish to create with Adaptively.

Essentially, we are moving beyond static websites.

We are moving beyond static images.

We are moving beyond static videos.

The world is dynamic.

It adapts.

It often changes based on our requirements.

Adaptively will mirror this virtue.

In an effort to advance web systems, we have initiated something that would allow websites to dynamically customize based on user behavior, preferences, and expectations. This involves a careful marriage of AI, big data and tons of number crunching.

This has never been done before – though some companies are now venturing into it (separately we’ve been toying with the idea for two years now!)

So what should you do next?

#1 Sign up here so we can keep you informed about our progress with Kyvio.

#2 Check out AdConnect – this is our first step forward – very small step – but a giant leap for website-kind.

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