ADC Update v1.0.4

We just released a new ADConnect update version 1.0.4!

First of all a HUGE welcome to all new members – like we have communicated during the launch ADConnect is the first step in a big software suite called Adaptively and this small update is the first of many small and big updates to come.

What is new / fixed:
– The editor page element selector has been totally redone and now works smoothly with videos, it is faster and it now also displays a label of the element you are selecting (opposed to just an orange border)
– We fixed an issue for folks who wanted to use ClickFunnels pages where the page had split testing enabled.
What happened is that user made changes, then changes were saved and then ClickFunnels split testing loaded their changes again making it looks like our changes didn’t save or where not there.
– We have some ‘copy’ buttons (copy ADC tag, copy URL etc) throughout the software. These relied on Flash which is blocked by default in lot of modern browsers. We replaced this with a more modern technology making Flash obsolete.
– BUG fix: profile photo deletion didn’t work
– BUG fix: some compatibility issues with some websites (if you find a website that is not loading report it!)
– Some various smaller bug fixes

There’s still some bugs that we need to attend to in the ‘Ad Builder’ part of the software and we’ll be working on that (we have a little delay there as main developer of that part is sick with a fever) and then soon we’ll start focusing on adding new features. A poll will shortly be posted in our Facebook group so YOU can decide what is most important.

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