ADConnect Roadmap – February till April 2017

ADConnect is not a HIT-and-run software, in fact ADConnect is our first step in a major ambitious $100M start-up Neil and Steven recently announced on Facebook.

This launch is the first public version of ADConnect and there’s so much new stuff planned for coming months so when you invest in this software you are getting SO much more then what the software is right now. You are also buying into what it will become in the near future!

Here’s what we’re planning to add to AdConnect over the next few months:

– Image uploader in the image widget in the editor (High Priority)
– auto import pages you don’t own to your WP sites (Priority)
– Editor feature to move any elements on the page
– Improve the editor element selector (make editing embeddable videos and other iframe elements smoother)
– Group campaigns per domain
– Automatically import related pages for any campaign
– Conversion tracking for campaigns for pages you own
– Auto adapt ad templates based on campaign page colors and images for even faster ad creative building
– Making the style editor widget in the page editor more user friendly for users without CSS knowledge
– ADC site Personalizer
An advanced feature that lets users add variables in the ADConnect short URLs and this data is then replaced on the site on the fly
– Add editor feature to create various new page elements (such as headlines, images, videos etc)
– Add editor feature to edit page settings (e.g. adding pixels, adding custom CSS etc)
– Add editor feature to create element animations
– Add editor feature: easy page element background color changer
– Instant page variation duplication feature
– Online image editor inside the page editor
– Add editor feature: Undo / Redo features

We’ll be releasing new updates every 2 weeks or so, and notification of these updates (typically with video) will be available in the members area, our Facebook group and via email.

Talk soon!
Neil & Steven

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