ADConnect update v1.7.2 + Next 4 week roadmap

Hey ADConnect user!

So a bit later then planned but the latest update is finally here. We had some hard technical challenges to solve in this update and although a lot of these changes are in the background we believe it makes a valid investment in the future of ADConnect.

So without further delay…

What is new in this update:

  • (Optional) Support for custom web fonts
    Some websites use custom web fonts (css: Font-face) and fonts don’t allow to be loaded across domains. First of all I would never recommend using custom fonts because its poor UX design and also significantly slows down websites.That said many websites do, so we set out to fix it. This item caused us a lot of headache but with some PHP and Javascript magic we believe that we now have build a solution. This feature is set per asset and just a checkbox in the editor if you want to activate it. We made it optional because activating this feature will slow down the page loading in our editor a lot.
  • Image uploader in the Image edit widget
  • Complete rewrite of the page loader system when loading pages without ADC Tag.
    This has solved many page incompatibilities, faster loading and improvements on icon loading, AJAX and javascript image loading and more.If you had any pages that didn’t load correctly in the editor before then go ahead and try again! If there’s still pages that don’t load correctly please let us know!(Note: some videos are restricted to only load on certain domains; obviously there is nothing we can do about that)
  • Updated our WYSIWYG editor to latest version.
    Now also includes enhanced Image handling and easy widget to insert any Font-Awesome icon
  • Loading visualization for new ads or editing ads
  • Ad download button not working – fixed
  • Fixed profile photo uploading in your profile
  • Removing profile photo – fixed
  • Team member password update via parent account issue – fixed
  • Team & sub user reports were missing data – fixed
  • Not able to sign out without accepting Privacy Policy at first login
  • Fixed various other small issues

What we will be working on in the next 4 weeks

  • WordPress AdConnect plugin upgrade
    To import pages in your AdConnect account directly in your wordpress site (was already set before the poll)
  • Moving elements around on a page (was already set before the poll)
    This will make it easy for you to customize the page even more. I am REALLY excited about this feature.
  • Conversion tracking (a clear winner in the poll!)
    If you are using AdConnect on your own pages, you will now be able to track conversions and see which page + ad combination is winning!And we’ll make a start with:
  • MAJOR re-make of the ‘ad builder’ system
    more info on that in our post ‘First Step Progress to 100M Adaptively

As always – if you have any support issues let us know via our support and you are more then welcome to join our KV Success Group on Facebook to share and discuss strategies on how to best use ADConnect in your business!

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