AdConnect Updates – Progress Report #2

Here is an awful truth: creating software isn’t easy.

It is challenging and creative, but it isn’t easy.

There is literally a ton of things you should think about when developing a tool. Actually, what we learned along the way is – the more we create, the more we’ll have to create.

As the time goes by, we have improved our processes. We learned both: about our own capabilities and about our customers’ needs. And how to put the two in balance for the most optimized results.

Lucky enough, there are many developers and business owners out there who are willing to share their own experience, practicing a complete business transparency, and, in fact, these blogs have been a really helpful resource when managing our own online business obstacles.

Progress With AdConnect So Far

Tap, tap, tap. These are not exactly the baby steps but not giant ones either. Our steps are something in between.

Until we reach the stage where we are completely satisfied with how AdConnect looks – and how it solves our customers’ troubles we still have a long way to go.

Basically, we started off with AdConnect and released it for public in January.

AdConnect, an ad funnel builder, allows you to edit ANY website or landing page – the way you want.

What’s more, it will allow you to create matching Facebook ads within less than 60 seconds. A real time saver.

The audience was amazed by the amount of time the tool have been saving them.



We see AdConnect as our first step in releasing the major web personalization tool that will allow you to optimize your site based on hundreds of smart triggers.

Life changing, right? We thought so too! (here you can read more about Adaptively here)
Here are the things we’ve been working on so far:

We have a come a long way so far in just a few weeks. Here are the things we’ve been working on and managed to finish thanks to ever-improving versions of coders and testers.

  • A great deal of time in the previous weeks was spent on bug fixes.

This said – the team invested a lot of their time and efforts to fix the small things customers and testers have reported as bugs.

However, seeing a bug board column empty at the end of this month is giving us quite some courage that we are doing a great job and that this is the way to go ahead.

  • We released the new Adconnect WordPress plugin – AdConnector that now allows:
    • Easy integration with AdConnect for WordPress site
    • It allows you import AdConnect pages from your AdConnect account directly into your WordPress site

So, the plugin will give all the AdConnect users to load the site they have seen and liked and create their own version of that site.

It works in three simple steps:

  • Discover whichever website’s pages you like
  • Edit them
  • Publish them as yours

Then, if you are using a WordPress site you can easily integrate the two of these by simply selecting from the drop-down menu in your WordPress site the pages from AdConnect account that you want to import.

Then your edited page will be instantly on your WordPress page.

  • Implementing conversion tracking is already in testing phase

We realize that a big and very important part of doing an online business is having a meaningful interaction between a product and a customer through your marketing efforts.

In the world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), cultivating a good relation between your product and the customer can mean everything; from visiting a business’ home page to a like on Facebook and a subscription to a newsletter list – to a purchase itself.

We introduced features in AdConnect that will allow you to track your conversions quickly. The feature is in the testing phase at the moment – so expect more details along with screenshots in the next post.

  • We are working on a major re-make of the ‘ad-builder’ system

Our focus at the moment lies in the moving elements feature. The feature will allow our customers to, in the moment of copying another page structure, move the elements as per their own preference.

That said, working on moving elements inside of AdConnect is still a work in progress.

Since this is a major re-build of the current setup, we are positive to come back to you with more details and screenshots in the next post.


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