ADConnect v1.9.0 released (finally!!!)

Hey Girls and Guys!

I’m so happy to finally announce the release of ADConnect version 1.9.0. Or the name we’ll start adopting more and more ‘Adaptive Ad Funnels – ADConnect’.

Why the name change?
Well ADConnect is going to be part of our software suite and prime product called ‘Adaptively’ which will consist of multiple modules of which Adaptive Ad Funnels will be one.

So tell me tell me; what is new?!
Alright so we have just released 83 code commits, 3 major new features and a sh*t ton of small improvements and fixes.

Before I’ll list all that has been done; I do want to apologize for the long wait for this upgrade. Especially to some of you who had some pending bug fixes which took long to get deployed as well. To make a long story short, our main developer (not lead developer that’s me, Steven van der Peijl, but I’m also CTO so my programming time is limited) suddenly left without giving any notice.

And it was difficult getting a new developer onboarded in this project as especially the javascript is quite advanced. So what we are doing now is instead of onboarding 1 developer that knows how to do both the advanced javascript and the php backend we’re going for 2 dev’s. One for the PHP backend and one for the Javascript core functionality.

The PHP backend dev is there and getting more and more accustomed with the code, the JS guy (or girl!) will hopefully join soon. So until that time it will have to be me doing that.

Ok so on to the ‘what is new’ part 🙂

  1. NEW: conversion tracking.
    We created a very cool and flexible conversion tracking system modeled after mixpanel. So you can track basically any action you deem to be a ‘conversion’. This can be a purchase, engagement (e.g. scroll 50% on the site), time on site etc etc. Its only limited to your imagination.The reporting at the moment only shows the quantity of conversions but we’ll of course start implementing report upgrades to make fully use of the flexibility of the conversion tracking system but it does already track everything you want. We’ll also make the instructions a bit more easy to use  (right now you do need somebody with some technical knowledge to implement it just like Mixpanel) and we’ll introduce pixel only tracking for pages where you can’t add Javascript.
  2. NEW: Major WPADConnector plugin update
    Please make sure to download our latest plugin and install it on your WP sites. With this plugin you can import any page in your ADConnect account and directly place it on your WP site.. so you clone a page in ADC, you make your changes and you import it on your WP site. No more need to download HTML and upload it via FTP or something like that!!I’m sure a LOT of people are going to love this one.
  3. NEW: Moving elements in the ADC editor
    Might not seem like a big thing, but trust me technically it is :). You are now able to move any elements in the editor freely and save it in your skins.Obviously a lot more editor updates are still to follow 🙂
  4. NEW: SiteSync integration
    Backup, Download and Restore Any Website On Total Autopilot, In Under 60 Seconds. Check the link for more info!
  5. FIXES
    Some user management and access bugs where fixed
    Various editor fixes
    Various proxy fixes to support more sites and display them correctly when not using the ADC tag
    Better editor support for custom fonts (will make the editor a lot slower though as it needs to download them)

So that was it for version 1.9.0!

For version 2.0 we have a LOT of big things planned as well..
Don’t want to reveal all of it but we’ll integrate ADC in the adaptively dashboard, a big big update to do with Facebook will be added. We’ll remove the banner editor and integrate with other solutions who do a much better job at it and we’ll focus on something WAY more valueable for our users and we’ll include some more editor upgrades as well as always!

So stay tuned and we hope you like this update!

All the best,
Steven van der Peijl with Neil Napier
And the whole Adaptively Team.

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