Kyvio 1.0 August Release – Sell Anything with Kyvio, Sticky Videos, Autoplay in Chrome & Many More

Kyvio August release note

Hey there Super Kyvians!

August has been a hectic but EXCITING month for us here at Kyvio.

We made you a promise last month. We told you we were releasing something BIG inside Kyvio 1.0. 

Initially, we did not want to launch any new features until Kyvio 2.0 was ready. But we knew these features would help you guys 10x your online businesses!

Today, thanks to the commitment of our developers, we are proud to keep our promise and present you with HOT new features. Features designed to help you make MORE money with Kyvio.

We worked our butts off this past month to get these functionalities ready and bug-free for your pleasure. We are confident that you will LOVE them!

With that said, here’s what’s new and improved in Kyvio this month.

New Features

We added several HOT new features to Kyvio last month.

Super HOT New Feature – Sell Everything with Kyvio (beta)

That’s right!

You are no longer restricted to selling only courses via smart memberships. Now you can sell MORE!

You can now sell anything with Kyvio. This includes downloadable files (hosted on Kyvio), and products hosted on other platforms – including physical and software products.

We initially wanted to release this feature inside Kyvio 2.0. But we decided to release it earlier.


First, Kyvio 2.0 will bring a LOT of significant changes. So, the sooner we introduce you to these new features, the better you can take advantage of the new and improved version when it is released.

Second, a recession is coming, and we want you to get prepared. The ability to SELL ANYTHING inside Kyvio is a great way to make MORE money. Enough money to help you withstand the recession when it hits.

With this huge new feature, you can upload files and sell access to download the file with advanced access security. Files include:

  • .pdf (for ebooks)
  • .doc & .docx (for text documents)
  • .ppt & .pptx (for powerpoint presentations)
  • .rar & .zip (for archived files)
  • .avi, .mp4 & .mp3 (for for audio and video files)
  • .exe (executional files)

N.B.: The maximum file size is 100mb, and you can upload only ONE file per product.

Also, we now support IPN’s – meaning you can connect Kyvio to any 3rd party system such as Shopify or Gumroad.

Using our IPN, you can now sell access to your software, physical products, and more.

N.B.: This is a more advanced feature, and in most cases, you may need a developer to implement the IPN on your side.

HOT New Feature: Smart Funnels – Auto-play Videos in Google Chrome

Google’s recent update disabled auto-play for videos (hosted on Vimeo and YouTube) on Chrome.

This is a problem for anyone running an online business. Especially those who use video sales letters (VSL), testimonials, case studies, or product demos to convert traffic into sales.

We have created a solution to this problem. The solution is called “Force Auto-play,” and we’ve added it as an option inside your Smart Funnels page builder.

Now, when a user lands on your page, the video will start playing automatically, albeit with no sound. But when the visitor clicks anywhere on the page (even outside the video) the audio will be turned on, and the video will play with sound. 

With this new feature, your videos are going to auto-play on all your Kyvio pages with no issues. Which means increased conversions. Isn’t that awesome?!

To see how this new feature works plus how to set it up inside Kyvio, click here.

New Feature: Smart Memberships – Custom Left Menu Items & Banners

As you know, we take our user feedback seriously. 

What you may not also know is that we allow our users to request new features. If the feature gets a significant number of votes from other Kyvio users, we create and add it to the platform.

This hot new feature went through that same process. Our users wanted the ability to add custom menu items and banners in the member’s area.

Custom left menu items inside Kyvio

The Menu will be helpful to share relevant links such as OTO, Download area, and bonuses. Meanwhile, the Banners will serve as visual marketing to other products or courses.

Would you like us to work on a new feature? Go to

New Feature: Smart Funnels – Sticky Videos

Ever been on a web page with a video that sticks to the side of the screen while you scroll down?

sticky video feature inside Kyvio
new sticky video feature inside Kyvio

Now, you can turn the feature on or off as you wish inside Kyvio. With Sticky Videos, people can read and view your page while still listening and viewing your video.

We already had detailed instructions on how to create sticky videos on your Kyvio pages. But now, we’ve built it in as a feature in Smart Funnels. All you need to do is select the option, and viola, you will have a sticky video!

New Feature: Smart Mailer – SPF & DKIM for email sending as a feature

“The money is in the followup.”

We are sure you’ve heard that several times. But what they don’t tell you is that avoiding the Spam Folder is equally more important.

Your leads won’t read your emails if they don’t see it. And nobody checks their Spam folder. This means you need to ensure your email deliverability is at its best.

This new feature will help you do just that. You can now generate DKIM data in Kyvio to set the data in your DNS, plus we provide you with the values needed for SPF entry in your DNS.

You can find more information on this new feature here.

N.B.: If you use Smart Mailer, we HIGHLY recommend you activate this ASAP.

New Feature: Purchase Data (PDT) Available on Thank You Page

For advanced users who want to use PDT, we’ve added a new feature that makes the data directly available on your set thank you page.

This new feature allows you to personalize your thank you page, or connect tracking to 3rd party systems that require this (e.g.,

Kyvio's new feature lets you personalize or connect  tracking with a 3rd party system using the purchase data of your customers

To access this data, all you need to do is add JavaScript and check the object ‘kyvioOrder.’ To test and see available info, run “console.log (kyvioOrder)” in your Dev console on the thank you page after purchase.

For more info on how to set up this new feature, click here.


Apart from these new features, we also made some improvements to existing features.

Smart Memberships

  • Some users with a LOT of members, reported a “time-out error” when exporting members. We’ve improved the entire process of exporting members. Everything works flawlessly now.
  • We noticed that when adding members manually, it wasn’t accepting spaces in the “country” or “city” field. We’ve fixed this issue now.


  • HOT: Stripe integration has been updated to the latest version they offer to make us compatible with Europe’s SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). This will affect EVERY business that sells to Europe
  • We’ve added error notification in case any automation you have set up (e.g., email automation or product purchase automation) fails. This can happen, for example, if you delete an integration or the integration details have changed, and it is needed for another automation you have set up.
  • We’ve completely rewritten the Pixabay integration. Now any images chosen will automatically download to our CDN servers. The image will be resized and optimized so that it loads a lot faster. Plus the image will not suddenly disappear if it is removed from Pixabay or if their API is down for a bit.

Bug Fixes

Bugs are unavoidable. Our ability to quickly fix these bugs when they pop up is what matters. Listed below are the bugs we fixed in August.

Smart Funnels

  • When users create a split test for their pages, both are set to pause and both set to 0%. Also, the user is returned to the funnel overview instead of going back to split test settings if the editor was opened from there. We have fixed this bug now, and the pages are set 100% and no longer on pause.

Smart Memberships

  • In specific scenarios, customers couldn’t purchase multiple products in one membership site using the same email address. We have fixed this bug and your customers can now buy multiple products using the same email.
  • Payment integration was obligatory for a working registration page even if it was set to free (first-time setup). We have fixed this bug, and everything is working fine.
  • If a product’s price variant was set to paid first and then changed to free, the original price still shows on the registration page. We have fixed this bug, and changes reflect immediately.
  • Thumbnails do not show when users try setting up the product content thumbnail for the first time. At least, not until they refresh the page. We’ve  fixed this bug, and thumbnails show instantly

Smart Mailer

  • Small bug with broadcast overview only on Mac. We have fixed this issue, and all works fine.
  • We noticed segment stats count were off in some specific situations. We have implemented a fix for this bug, and all works fine.


  • The “marketing graphics” folder in the media manager is unavailable. All it did was show a console error (while it keeps loading). We have implemented a bug fix, and the marketing graphics folder is now accessible.
  • We have fixed the link to Stripe’s integration guide.
  • We noticed that the First Name of subscribers was added twice in Active Campaign’s email list. We have implemented a fix, and the names are now added normally.

Kyvio 2.0 Updates

As usual, we have all the latest updates on Kyvio 2.0. We have awesome news on the DevOps side and a bit of bad news on the front-end side. Let’s get to it.

Bad news first:

The only thing holding back the launch of Kyvio 2.0 is the frontend development. We had to fire some of our old frontend developers due to their poor performance. 

We have hired new front-end developers who are working round the clock to fix all the various issues they found. They are also working to fix other parts that were not implemented correctly.

With that comes the fact ReactJS (on which our front-end is exclusively based) has had some major updates/changes. We will start implementing these updates/changes as it will make the Kyvio code faster and better.

Good news:

Our DevOps has finished setting up our staging and production area!

This is a huge milestone. With it, we’ve made significant improvements in the flow of page publishing. This has helped us finish some critical connections between Google Cloud and our code.

Also, we’ve started on our new and improved testing strategies with more (and better) automated testing. When this is fully implemented, it will bring our software to Enterprise level quality.

We are working as hard and as fast as we can to get Kyvio 2.0 ready for launch. We will keep you informed of our progress.

Until our next release note, keep creating and keep selling.

And if you don’t have it already, get Kyvio ASAP. Our pricing changes DRAMATICALLY when we release Kyvio 2.0 to the public.

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    1. We are excited as well, David! To answer your question – when Kyvio 2.0 is released, it will be available for free to all 1.0 customers. We’ve got you covered 😉

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