Big News: You Can Now Sell Anything with Kyvio

kyvip update - sell anything

Recently, we made a bold promise to Kyvians. We said something BIG was coming to Kyvio 1.0 and thanks to our team of excellent developers; we came through on that promise.

Starting from today, you now have the ability to SELL ANYTHING with Kyvio.

That’s right.

You are no longer restricted to just selling access to membership sites. You can now sell anything with Kyvio.

This includes e-commerce products (physical or digital), software products, and of course memberships and courses.

It’s time to sell – whatever you want to sell.

What’s New: Instant Payment Notification (IPN)

Don’t let the name fool you – an IPN does more than payment notifications.

Instead, it’s a way for Kyvians to sell everything and take complete control of the transaction processing. Plus, you get an additional control over what happens with your customers’ details post-purchase. Meaning you can literally connect ANY product-sale fulfillment system with Kyvio! 

Our new feature inside Kyvio functions precisely like an IPN. It sends notifications for any transaction (sale, refund, etc.) to a script of your choice.

Confused? Let me explain in a very simple way…

Imagine if you want to sell a chair. The process is pretty simple, right? Someone pays you, you give them a chair. You are done.

Then imagine you want to sell a chair BUT only this time – you need to engrave this person’s name and date of birth on the chair (weird, I know – but just play along!)

So you build the chair. Send it over to the engravers, and they CUSTOMIZE the chair and send it over to the buyer.

That’s kind of how IPNs work.

description of how Kyvio's IPN work

Upon a sale, you can notify an automated process setup (within the setup you are using, outside of Kyvio) and this way, you can deliver a customized product (or access) to the buyer – instantly.

We already had this process for all internal sales and membership site access delivery. But now – you can sell things like T-shirts, software programs, and even personalized memorabilia (including chairs, but why would you?)

All you need is a webhook to process our IPN. 

And with that data, you can do whatever you want.

  • You can deliver automatic access (user account details etc.) if you sell software products
  • You can integrate with Shopify, Gumroad, WooCommerce, etc. to sell and send physical products.
  • You can host and sell digital products like eBooks, audios, etc. Our IPN helps you send the user an email with a download link
  • You can sell membership access and online courses.

You can now make more money with Kyvio. All you need to do is set up a funnel and link to any product you want to sell.

What’s New: Sell File Downloads

You now sell file downloads with Kyvio. This includes pdf, audio, video, and even software execution files (.exe).

Listed below are the exact list of file extensions you can now upload into Kyvio:

  • .pdf (for ebooks)
  • .doc & .docx (for text documents)
  • .ppt & .pptx (for powerpoint presentations)
  • .rar & .zip (for archived files)
  • .avi, .mp4 & .mp3 (for for audio and video files)
  • .exe (executional files)

Please note that the maximum file size is 100mb, and you can upload only ONE file per product.

What Next?

Start selling. Seriously.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a recession coming

You need to prepare your businesses and personal finance. You need to ensure your cash flow is recession-proof.

Many people were unprepared for the last recession. And as a result, they suffered the full impact. But those who were prepared thrived.

We have been preparing internally for this recession. And we want to help you get prepared as well. 

That is why we worked very hard to implement this new feature so that you can sell more and make more money. Enough money to provide security for yourself and for your loved ones during the hard times ahead.

And if you want to help your loved ones stay prepared as well, why don’t you give them the gift of financial security?

They can get started with Kyvio for just $1 today!

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