Kyvio – 2018 in Numbers

2018, WHAT a year right? It was good, it was terrible, it was hard it was easy.. let’s talk Kyvio 2018 in numbers and the meaning behind them! So usually, I preach not to spend time in the past but … Read More

Where it all started…

Neil and Steven met online when Steven was preparing to launch his first SaaS in Internet Marketing. Steven, being an expert at software development had zero branding experience. He didn’t understand the market he was about to enter. Neil jumped … Read More

Kyvio Modules – Our focus

In our journey to our new Kyvio platform and rewriting and rebuilding all the modules we are also renaming all the modules to fit the new brand so I wanted to introduce you to the new module names in this … Read More

AdConnect Updates – Progress Report #2

Here is an awful truth: creating software isn’t easy. It is challenging and creative, but it isn’t easy. There is literally a ton of things you should think about when developing a tool. Actually, what we learned along the way … Read More

Responsive VS Adaptive Websites

  I’d like to be honest here – marketing tactics are almost always geared towards boosting conversions. Whether it is the content, design, page loading speed… all these should work in your favor to make your business successful and to make … Read More

Income Reports: January and February

January 2017 was the month we took our first small step. Opening up AdConnect for the public. In February 2017, not much happened, except us working double time on implementing new features. With the way our business is structured at … Read More