Kyvio May ’21 Updates

May 21 Kyvio releases

New Features General: New support desk for Kyvio supportWe’ve switched to a new support desk that allows us to automate and categorize faster which in turn will result in faster support turnaround time and better ways for our management team … Read More

Kyvio 2 March & April 2021 Updates

New Features HOT HOT HOT – Smart Memberships: BETA release is live!All Kyvio 1 users will now have access to Smart Memberships BETA v2. Note that for now we only have 1 template available (‘Kyvio template’). More templates will become … Read More

Kyvio February 2021 Release

Hey y’all!. Kyvio continues to grow and while we had 3 people leave we actually recruited 6 new members of staff that are being onboarded in their roles! New Features Smart Funnels: New templates **HOT** Sports Club – Smart Funnel … Read More

Kyvio January 2021 Release

Kyvio Jan 2021 update

Hey, y’all! We genuinely hope you, your family and your business have made it through 2020! It has been a rough year for many and weird for everybody but many people who run online businesses did have a great opportunity … Read More

Kyvio & Funnelvio December Updates

New Features HOT: Kyvio Builder – Custom CSS/JS per pageYou are now able to add/change custom CSS & JS code PER page instead of per funnel. HOT: Stripe European payment methods now availableWith your Stripe integration, currently for one-time products … Read More

November Kyvio & Funnelvio Updates Part 1

We are going to try to stick more rigidly to publish release details for Kyvio / Funnelvio updates every 2 weeks as sometimes we get too busy with working on the new features and improvements and forget to tell all … Read More

October Kyvio & Funnelvio Updates

Another big update! We are continuing improving our Quality Assurance processes and making big steps towards our goal. Our goal being ‘Continuous Deployment’, this means that every fix, improvement and new feature go to production as soon as they are … Read More

Massive Funnelvio & Kyvio update!

Yesterday we released another massive update for Kyvio (& thus for Funnelvio too) and this brings a LOT of improvements and various very cool and awaited features. Let’s dive straight into it: New features General: after a long and hard … Read More

Kyvio & Funnelvio update galore

We are happy to present a HUGE update for Kyvio (2) and Funnelvio. New Features Smart Funnels: funnel import now show import status and progress. We’ve also build-in a automatic retry feature in case a page fails due to connection … Read More

Kyvio 2 – Funnelvio Updates

Funnelvio & kyvio 2

Kyvio 2.0 is finally here. If you don’t already know what Kyvio 2.0 is, then chances are you’ve either been living under a rock or missed all our update release notes. However, if you have been following all our communication, … Read More