Kyvio – 2018 in Numbers

2018, WHAT a year right? It was good, it was terrible, it was hard it was easy.. let’s talk Kyvio 2018 in numbers and the meaning behind them! So usually, I preach not to spend time in the past but … Read More

Kyvio 1.0 December Release – Smart Academy, Faster Pages

Smart Academy: As announced earlier we have added the appropriate access levels to everybody their accounts. Smart Academy is exclusive Kyvio business training on how you can grow your online business. We have a 4-figure academy, 5-figure academy and 6-figure academy each with more in-depth training on how to get your business to that level.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding GDPR

Watch the replay of the Facebook Live Video of Neil Talking about GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation that demands businesses to protect the personal data of EU citizens. This unprecedented regulation becomes enforceable from 25 May … Read More