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So Steven’s been on my case about growing our YouTube channel. Well, I now have a 100-day plan to do a TON of videos and go from 100 to 10,000 subscribers (I will document the journey on our blog!)

I have already planned out 70 videos that I will be doing. But I know that at some point, I WILL get exhausted.

So I want to cheat – get your help – and create a win-win scenario.

You see, Michael Pauli recently posted a help video in our Facebook group which gave me an idea.

Some of you have found unique ways of using Kyvio that I couldn’t even think of (Google map integration, using Kyvio with Shopify and more…)

This is YOUR application of Kyvio, which is unique.

But as of now, that content stays within the group – and I want it to be EVERGREEN.

I want to put it on our YouTube channel (which will give me some respite on days that I don’t have the strength to make a YouTube video).

And it will give you exposure.

Because each video we post on our channel:

  • Gets shared with our customers
  • People who have subscribed get notification
  • Have a link to a website of your choice in the description
  • If unique and interesting, gets converted into a blog post and gets even MORE exposure.

Which means – YOU – get exposure!

That’s a win-win, right?

So if you are interested in contributing content for our YouTube channel, here’s what I am interested in:

Case studies showing how you are using Kyvio (and results)

Your little hacks and workarounds that help you get more juice out of Kyvio

Integration videos – show us what you have integrated with Kyvio and how is that working out?

(I am not really looking for “tutorials” – that’s our job. But more of YOUR videos.

Unique videos get preference. Videos with a clear voice and visuals get preference.

These videos don’t need to be exclusively posted on our site, but we’d be happy to feature them (and you) on our site.

Sounds good? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Record a video (if you are unsure what to – contact and seek clarification about your idea)
  • Step 2: Post it on our FB channel. If people love it, we’ll put it up on our YouTube channel.
  • Step 3: Tell others about it (inside and outside the Kyvio group – remember, telling others about Kyvio can work in your favor if you are an affiliate too!)

So that’s it – let’s get the ball rolling!

(P.S: My 100-day challenge starts on 23rd March – the day I land at the FHL event in Orlando (yup – it’s from the ClickFunnels guys. Let’s see how fast I get booted out with my Kyvio apparel :D)

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