First Small Step – Progress Report #1

January 2017 was the month we took our first small step. We went ahead and opened up AdConnect for the public.

The first product we launched as the first step in our $100M journey is AdConnect – ad funnel builder that allows you to edit any website or landing page you want and will instantly create matching ads (in as little as 60 seconds).

Now, what’s really cool is that AdConnect allows you to do all of this in real time, so your conversions won’t ever have to suffer due to long and overdue fixes on the website itself.

Sounds about perfect.

However, the step where people often stumble during the process (and especially beginners) is not knowing exactly which steps to follow to make landing pages + ads that will eventually MONETIZE.

Steve Jobs actually went ahead and gave his two cents about the success in running business based on what others are doing.

The process is so simple:

  • Go and search for what’s WORKING
  • COPY it
  • Learn from the master and STRIVE FOR THE BETTER


Goals we had for AdConnect


AdConnect is not yet in the stage that we want it to be, because we have planned a really great future for the tool. Eventually, AdConnect should morph into something bigger and better.

However, for the time being we are very happy with what we’ve created.We’re currently using this in our business to test how well our ad + landing page combination is converting.

Now we did have some goals for AdConnect – you know – number of users and some financial goals.

What happened is that we didn’t quite hit them.

We were hoping for 500+ new customers, but we only managed about 350. Which is not bad, but it’s just “not there yet.”

What went wrong?


Unfortunately, what I think happened is that generally our marketplace didn’t respond well to products that are recurring monthly.

So what we did was we shortchanged and sold AdConnect at a one-time fees.

Even then – I believe that we couldn’t explain the product and it’s use cases well enough to our customers (I’ll put my hand up!)

So, as the outcome of that and for now: we have reverted to yearly price, and I doubt we’ll switch back to one-time fees again. But we will be covering this along the way in the financial posts that we will publish regularly.

On the plus side though – the feedback we’ve received so far has been TREMENDOUS.

We have customers ACTUALLY using AdConnect to create multiple variations of pages they want to clone and use.

Now, it’s always amazing to see the different ways people are spinning your product to shape it to their needs.

Just off the top of my head: one of the customer is using it to pitch services to local businesses – easy way to get foot through the door for $1,500+ contracts so far.

Absolutely amazing. We will cover that too in another blog post along the way.


What we could have been done better


For now – let me point out what we could have done better, rather – differently in January 2017:

  • We should have created more case studies to show how Adaptively will significantly improve our customer’s’ business.
  • We should have tested our offer before public opening, just to gauge customer reaction to the sales copy and the price point (lesson for future – ALWAYS do that!)

There are more things, but I want to keep this list short.


…because here’s a list of cool things that we are adding into AdConnect over the next month (we will try and squeeze as much as we can…)

Here’s the complete list of what we’ll be working on in the next month:


  • WordPress AdConnect plugin upgrade to import pages in your AdConnect account directly in your wordpress site (was already set before the poll)
  • Moving elements around on a page (was already set before the poll) – this will make it easy for you to customize the page even more. I am REALLY excited about this feature.
  • Conversion tracking (a clear winner in the poll!) – if you are using AdConnect on your own pages, you will now be able to track conversions and see which page + ad combination is winning!

And we’ll make a start with:

  • MAJOR re-make of the ‘ad builder’ system

We are going to change the concept a bit. At the moment the focus of the ad builder is on creating the ad graphics.

However, trying to be completely honest, we feel there are other softwares out there that just do it better than AdConnect.

We plan for ad graphic editing to stay (auto matching with the page too) but we decided to shift the focus a bit. We will keep you informed on this update.

As selfish as it may sound (but, isn’t everyone doing this to some extent?) – we are adapting AdConnect both to: our customers and our business needs.

Steven and I (Neil) have been busy planning out what other product types we can add to Adaptively in 2017.

I cannot disclose everything – but let’s just say they would make funnel building and planning easier.

Also, we are focusing on automating a lot of social media marketing based on positive social signals.

In the meantime, leave a comment below and let us know if you’re part of AdConnect (and so – Adaptively).

If somehow you missed AdConnect along the way – you can check it out here.

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