Kyvio 1.0 September 2018 Release – Check all new features, improvements and bug fixes here!


Note from Steven: From now on we will be posting all Kyvio updates under the Updates category on our Blog. This makes it easier for the marketing team to update and post the updates as soon as we release them. You can check out our previous changelog updates here


HOT New Features

1. New: Smart Memberships – New checkout page. Our previous checkout page was ok but it needed a couple of improvements. We still wanted to wait until Kyvio 2.0 but due to many requests we decided to get you a kick-ass checkout page.


2. New: 8 new funnel template groups released.

That is 8 x 9 = 72 brand new templates.

New Features

1. General – Kyvio NPS surveys

We are working very hard on Kyvio 2.0 and still improving Kyvio 1.0 and we’d like to know what you think so every now and then we will ask you a few questions to continuously make sure we are improving for you! You may see them once in a while – so don’t worry if you don’t see them immediately!


1. Smart Mailer –  Email quality Agent improved. As previously announced in the Kyvio Facebook group, we are making some changes to make our Email quality agent more strict to protect and increase deliverability for everybody using Smart Mailer.

2. Smart Memberships – No password reset features on Dynamic theme.

3. General – Old accounts clean out. We now have an agent running completely removing out old accounts and removing packages that aren’t paid for. This is necessary for GDPR but also keeps our database clean and fast!

4. Smart Mailer – List Cleanup; For bigger lists, some the list cleaners could time-out and give an error. We have optimized the code and tested it with lists up to 50K subscribers for cleanup and exports and that now works smoothly and fast.

5. Smart Memberships – Resend the confirmation link; When using double confirmation on membership, if someone is not able to find the email with the confirmation link, it would be a good feature to add it under the message where it displays.


6. Smart Funnels – custom HTML checkbox. When adding check boxes in your custom HTML form in it didn’t parse them correctly.

7. General – cookie bar looks improved.

Bug Fixes

1. Smart Funnels – Preview not working on specific sites.

2. Smart Memberships – Modules don’t collapse.

3. General – Per site integration not working properly; Integrations were always saved to your first site, now it works properly and you can have integrations per site.

3. General – Everwebinar integration fixed. They updated their API without notifying us.

4. Smart Memberships – moving lessons from 1 module to another.

5. Smart Funnels – The popup to transfer funnel wasn’t opening properly for a few days.

6. General – sitemap upload gave error.

7. Affiliate Module – Too many redirects on white label url fixed.

Sounds too much to take in right now?  Check out our knowledgebase and learn more about each of these updates.

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