Income Reports: January and February

January 2017 was the month we took our first small step. Opening up AdConnect for the public.

In February 2017, not much happened, except us working double time on implementing new features.

With the way our business is structured at present, we might not get a lot of sales every month.

We are still chasing those “launch” months where we release a software like AdConnect, or set up a private offer (if you are interested – get in touch with me via Facebook).

For now, here are the numbers from January and February:

January 2017:

Sales Revenue – $37,649

Additional revenue (product recommendations) – $872

Platform Fees – $1,882

Paypal Fees (approximated) – $1,882


  • HR (Development, Support) – $4,515
  • Hosting/email marketing fees – $14
  • Paid to partners – $18,209
Net Profits: $12,019

Lessons Learned: Our sales pitch might have sucked. Maybe.


Steven and I have often argued about how to position AdConnect for our market. Most of our customers are typically after “automated” and speedy solutions.

My elevator pitch was: “How to clone any page instantly and drive traffic using paid ads.”

Steven’s take was “How to message match and sell more using corresponding ads and landing pages.”

We didn’t convert as well as we’d have liked to. Could be the price point, could be the positioning.

Having said that – AdConnect is perfectly positioned for Steven’s idea – as that was the initial goal. Allowing users to create ads that match their landing pages, and test out which set converts the best.

Moving forward, that will be our CORE positioning.


February 2017:

Sales Revenue: $3,493

Additional revenue (product recommendations) – $610

Platform Fees: $175

Paypal Fees (approximated): $175


  • HR (Development, Support): $1,756
  • Hosting/email marketing fees: $13
Net Profits: $1,984

Lessons Learned: Little action this month.


Steven’s been focused on development, and I’ve been using AdConnect off-and-on for some of our promotions.

Results are good, but we are working on the ad part to make it even better.

Keep watching this space.
And I guess that’s it. We try and be as transparent as we can, and as we expand, we’ll be sharing more details about Adaptively.


Also, head over here to read about our first steps of the journey, how we came up with the idea and why we think it was crucial to make $100M dollars our destination!

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