From InstaSuite to Kyvio – start of the journey

In the next few weeks we are moving away from our beloved brand InstaSuite to our new (much cooler) brand Kyvio!

As we also announced in our Facebook group a few months ago we decided to make the switch and ever since we’ve been preparing.

Why the big switch?

Rebranding a business is never an easy decision because you lose brand recognition, SEO value from the old brand and we might even lose some customers because of it (people who missed all the announcements and then in a month or 3 remember our software and suddenly can’t find it or see something that looks very different). However we believe we really needed to do it because:

  1. We acquired 100% ownership of InstaSuite from Suzanna and the ‘Insta’ brand is more her thing and we want to create our own thing
  2. ‘insta’ is a serious problem with Facebook as they copyrighted this word and advertising on Facebook with ‘insta-suite’ is ok.. but ‘instasuite’ is impossible. We don’t wanna play with fire here
  3. Kyvio suite will be so much more then what Instasuite was, Instasuite modules are all the business building modules and we are merging it with Adaptively (a product that we were building already) which will be all conversion optimization tools.. together it will be a state-of-the-art technology software suite in one big SMART platform
  4. starting with a ‘clean’ brand means we can give it a meaning and we can create Kyvio’s story which gives various marketing advantages (and its more fun 🙂 )

So what is happening?

  1. First we will change our domain from to
  2. Then we will massively update the complete interface of the software (trust me it is very sexy!)
  3. Next up is updating all tutorials and videos (uff a LOT of work)
  4. Then in the background we are separating modules into multiple stand-alone apps (that perfectly integrate with each-other of course) so we can better maintain them and have multiple teams working on different modules without crossing hairs and adopting much better more modern technologies and software design methodologies
  5. Then we will connect it all to our new Admin module with much more very cool features and options including extremely flexible pricing options
  6. We will launch a new module called Smart Products and rebuild our Membership builder completely (Smart Memberships) and refactor our Funnel builder (Smart Funnels) – (hello one-click upsells, cross-sells, downsells and more)
  7. We will launch our, very very veryyyyy, cool new module Smart Funnel Designer
  8. and so on… our roadmap and plan is much bigger then this list but in the next few months we’ll be extremely busy with all the above..

So this is the first step! In this blog category we will keep you up-to-date with our progress and changes that are upcoming and happening. Because the changes are so HUGE we need to do it step-by-step so please bare with us as there will be moments in time some parts of our software will have the new interface and others the old.

Also check out all other categories and post in our Kyvio blog, we’ll share much more cool stuff!

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Steven van der Peijl & Neil Napier

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