Kyvio 1.0 February Release – GROUND-BREAKING Changes in Smart Mailer

Note from Steven: From now on we will be posting all Kyvio updates under the Updates category on our Blog. This makes it easier for the marketing team to update and post the updates as soon as we release them. You can check out our previous changelog updates here

Alright – after the Christmas break, our team got back to focusing on Kyvio 1.0 for one last time (more on that soon). Within weeks, we had made MASSIVE improvements to Kyvio 1.0, which we’ll talk about soon.

Here’s what we accomplished in the month of January (leading into February):


Steven and Neil disagree on this one, but since Neil is writing it – he wins 🙂

Smart Mailer – 1-Click Subscriber Switch – Not many autoresponders offer this feature, and if you are into advanced segmentation, this will put a smile on your face. Imagine this for a second: You send an email to 1,000 subscribers, and 100 of them are GENUINELY interested in what comes next. So they click a link. You now have the power of moving these people into another list, or just copying them over. Thus – segmenting your audience better.

You can also use this feature to NOT annoy people who are not interested in a particular campaign. For example – if I wanted to send emails about Facebook marketing, and I wrote a 7-day series, I could put a link in my email. When people will click on this link, they will move to another list. So – they don’t get any more emails from this particular campaign.

Check out a complete guide here

Move people from one list to another quickly



  1. Smart Mailer Interface Revamp: Another contender for HOT feature…Smart Mailer now has a completely NEW interface! This is in line with current Kyvio UI, and I gotta say – it looks awesome. Plus – tons more features added (keep reading).
  2. 3rd party Autoresponder Subscriber import: We’ve had customers migrating from Aweber and GetResponse over to us. Before they did, they had one request: Can we QUICKLY import our subscribers from Aweber/GR into Kyvio/Smart Mailer? Well – you now can! There’s an in-depth tutorial inside our knowledgebase that goes deeper into this transition process.
  3. Looking for extra support? Writing it out in a support ticket not your thing or to complex? Just go to to ‘help’ button (top right menu) and follow the link ‘Book a call’ and talk do our team (note English only!) This is a “test” we are running right now – and if you need one-on-one support from our team – it’s free. But please note that this WILL change in the future, and we have a right to refuse calls to rude customers, and in case we are super-busy.
  4. Send broadcast to ALL your lists – Previously, you had to select all your lists manually, one-by-one. If you have a lot of lists that was kinda annoying (we have 110 lists -uff) . So we added a button to select all the lists at once for you. Same for excluding, as well as selecting segments. We’ve really spent a LOT of time developing these new features, and man – they work well.


Quickly search for any page/funnel in your site
  1. Funnel search major improvement: We have improved the funnel search process. Now, when you look for a keyword, it searches throughout the funnel names and pages, making it MUCH easier to find that one page you forgot in which funnel you put it (happens to me all the time!).
  2. Speed improvement: Loading fonts is slow. Horribly slow. One step up from custom fonts is Google Fonts which is a bit better so that is what we offer. However before, we were loading all Google fonts, whether used or not. This is now fixed, giving you significant load time improvement!
  3. Speed improvement Part 2: When building stats for the funnels, we use IP -> GEO location features in our system. We replaced it with a more modern and much faster way to retrieve GEO location and thus making pages load faster. Double yay!
  4. Speed improvement Part 3: We revamped a lot of our HTML and bundled javascript loading, css loading and made sure they are all loaded from CDN (this also solved a very weird  bug some people where having that images weren’t loading, or some parts of the app). Simply put, pages now go WOOOOOOOOO……
  5. Various error messages improved: Making them more useful for users as to what to do next. Now you don’t have to read our minds.
  6. Various internal Smart Mailer API endpoints added so we can connect Kyvio 2.0 with Smart Mailer 1.0 and create a smooth integration there.
  7. Sequence pause on email error: Previously, while sending an email, if our system ran into an error at some point with an invalid email address that somehow snuck in, any further mails in the sequence were stopped completely. Now it will just skip that entry. More efficiency.
  8. One for the Grammar nerds: We did a full run through all text in our app and fixed a ton of grammar mistakes and typos. If you catch any, feel free to let us know about it! Nicely 🙂


  1. In the double optin email some short codes were not working correctly. This has been fixed.
  2. Funnel name could be blank and than system gave an error. Now funnel name must have 3 characters minimum.
  3. Zaxaa integration price number wasn’t saving – weird little bug which we squashed.


This major update is the last official ‘new feature’ release of Kyvio 1.0

We will still be doing bug fixes and improvements to Kyvio 1.0 but no more new features, all effort now goes to Kyvio 2.0 from all of our team members.

98% of the development tasks are complete. Presently, we are delayed because of DevOps (infrastructure) as what we are building is quite complex and on the edge of what is currently possible in the industry.

We now have 3 people full time on testing Kyvio 2.0 and this sprint even our developers will start helping with the testing, instead of programming new features.

The monster app of Kyvio 1.0 with 6 softwares all in 1 big application is now split up. We are taking the most important parts (Smart Funnels, Smart Products*, Smart Memberships, Smart Journeys*, Kyvio Builder, Adaptive Admin (our admin area & beating heart)) and split it up into smaller applications that all work together.

This is all built from scratch so you can imagine that is a LOT of testing that needs to be done.

*new modules

Changes in DevOps Team

This week we are more than tripling our DevOps team, and we aim to have all infrastructure ready within 4-6 weeks. Annoyingly, last external team actually failed to complete the contract due to lack of expertise. Still – no promises, it is not an easy feat we’re building here.

We have about 3 serious challenges to tackle in DevOps and the rest is just implementation work. Once done we’ll have a platform as the world has never seen before.

Faster. Stronger. Better.

Long Live Kyvio!

P.S.: Just to be clear and set expectations – every Kyvian will get free access to Kyvio 2.0 on the same level they have access to Kyvio 1.0 now. All (except if you only have Smart Mailer) will get access to the new Smart Products module.

Smart Journeys is a new module which is well – pretty darn revolutionary. There are no other apps out there that do exact same thing but the ones that come closest each costs a minimum of $1,000 per month (they are built for enterprises). But we’ll bring this power to YOU (probably at an unbelievable price). More details to follow.

In the meantime – stay active, stay engaged.

And go get Kyvio ASAP. Our pricing changes DRAMATICALLY when Kyvio 2.0 is released to the public.

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