Kyvio 1.0 July Release – Never Lose Work Again in Smart Funnels, plus Something BIG is Coming in Kyvio 1.0!

Hey there Super Kyvians! 

July (like previous months) was a very busy one for us. 

We have been working very hard on some new features that we are super excited to release. And we are sure you will LOVE them too.

One of the key driving forces for everyone here is to give you the very best version of our software.

We believe Kyvians deserve the best of everything – in life, in business, and relationships. 

We need to make Kyvio the best because of the thousands of entrepreneurs (like you) who depend on our platform to generate income.

In fact, we are so dedicated to giving you the best that we are going to launch a brand new feature in Kyvio 1.0 two weeks from now.

At first, we didn’t want to launch anything new until we rolled out Kyvio 2.0.

But, we knew that releasing this new feature will give you the POWER to do MORE cool stuff. Plus, it will help you get used to some of the new functionality that will be coming out with Kyvio 2.0.

So, keep your eyes peeled for this new update in about two weeks.

With that said, here’s what’s new and improved in Kyvio this month.

New Features

We added two new features into Kyvio last month.

HOT New Feature: Smart Funnels – Don’t Lose Your Work Again!

Have you ever been working in our editor and perhaps your internet dropped (even if it’s just for a second.) Or maybe you had to go to the bathroom quickly or go make a phone call, and when you got back (or reconnected) you found yourself logged out?

What’s worse is that unless you saved your work before getting logged out, all your work would be lost. Poof! Gone with the wind!

We didn’t know how annoying this was until we ran into the problem ourselves. It was one of our marketers who came up with the idea for this feature, and we asked ourselves, “how come we didn’t come up with this before?

Before this, the solution was to open a new tab, log in there, and then save again. In hindsight, we can now see that this was not a very user-friendly solution.

Now, if for any reason you get logged out while working in our editor, your work will be safe.

All you need to do is click on the ‘save’ button, and our system will check to see if you are still logged in. If not, a log in screen will pop up. You simply log in again, and your work will be saved.

So, no more lost work, and the best part – you get to stay on the same tab!

Awesome or what?!

Feature: Smart Mailer – Export Segments

You asked, and we listened!

A lot of our users have expressed the need to export subscriber segments in CSV as well as other formats. And now, you can do just that.

Click here to see a complete walkthrough of how to export your segmented subscribers.


Apart from these new features, we also made some improvements to already existing features – all to make Kyvio function better.

Smart Mailer

  • One of our users ran into an error 504 issue when leads were trying to subscribe to his list. The data from his opt-in forms did not deliver to his 3rd party integrated email software. Now, the fix is automatically removing the https protocol when you put the API URL.
  • We have updated a system-wide blacklist that protects your sender reputation logic. Now, a subscriber will be added to the system-wide blacklist if their email hard bounces for the 2nd time (meaning inbox is not existing), soft-bounced for the 20th time (temp unavailable; e.g., full), or if subscribers have reported your emails as spam for more than five times. Furthermore, we have added this info at multiple places when sending an email. That way, you can quickly see how many subscribers are excluded from the list.
  • We have fixed and improved some spacing between elements in the UX.
  • The Lastpass browser add-on was messing with the generation of the HTML code for opt-in forms. We have now created a filter for that. PS – this plugin is so damn annoying 🙂

Smart Memberships

  • One of our users tried to set the ‘members area slug’ to ‘login.’ But this was not possible because the app login page was already using ‘login.’ We have added a check to prevent this from ever happening again.
  • The display of the product overview is now changed to a ‘masonry’ format to make sure that different heights of the elements don’t mess up the layout.


  • With an Active Campaign integration, the UX instructs NOT to include ‘https://’ for your account URL, so if you still did this, the integration wasn’t working. We have now added an automatic check to fix this for you.

Bug Fixes

Bugs are unavoidable. Our ability to quickly fix these bugs when they pop up is what matters. Listed below are the bugs we fixed in July.

Smart Funnels

  • The funnel guide was acting a bit weird when adding custom pages and setting the page types. We have fixed this problem now.
  • The gradient style for buttons was not working properly. We have implemented a fix for that and all should be working perfectly now.
  • Selecting the color black (only color black) for text was not working. We have fixed this now and you can select any color you want.
  • “Save as template” and “save as HTML” features were missing for Appsumo users. We have implemented a fix that ensures it saves anyway you want it to.

Smart Memberships

  • Product purchase receipt emails in specific (rare) situations were not coming from the product owner but the Kyvio system. We have fixed that now.
  • We noticed that “step 4” product actions were not always working correctly in certain situations. We have fixed the bug, and everything is working fine.

Smart Mailer

  • Users were not able to mass delete subscribers. Now you can because we have fixed the bug.


  • WebinarJeo integration was missing a necessary field to complete the integration. We have fixed that now. That has been resolved now.

Kyvio 2.0 Updates

As always, also an update on Kyvio 2.0 progress:

  • Our DevOps Engineers have started with the staging area!
  • We have implemented all cron jobs (i.e., processes that need to run on regular intervals in the background).
  • We have made final decisions on publishing strategy for your funnels, sites, and membership areas. Now, only a few code changes need to be made to complete this whole flow (huge milestone!).
  • We have implemented 50% of automated testing flows  (the unit tests, we’re also implementing many other types of tests like data integrity tests, API tests, frontend tests but they need to be performed at different phases of the deploy pipelines)
  • We have switched to 100% Redis caching (we were initially using Redis & Memcached)
  • We hired TWO new frontend developers to push frontend forward and ready for production
  • We are hiring ONE more QA engineer to help create more automated testing and better quality control. He or she will join sometime in the first week of August

At this moment in time, Steven (our CTO) says Kyvio 2.0 will be ready for testing on production in 4 weeks (best case scenario) or 8 weeks (worst-case scenario).

We are working as hard and as fast as we can to meet those deadlines. We will keep you informed of our progress.

Until our next release note, keep creating and keep selling.

And if you don’t have it already, get Kyvio ASAP. Our pricing changes DRAMATICALLY when we release Kyvio 2.0 to the public.

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