Kyvio 1.0 – June 2019 Release – Improved Support and Smart Membership Enhancement

June 2019 Updates

It’s that time of the month again! Yay, all the good news you’ve been waiting for.

Probably for longer than expected, because of Neil. who is usually tasked with writing these, has been busy!

In this release post we, as always, we list all improvements and bug fixes for Kyvio 1.0. The occasional sneaky new feature we add (although we said we wouldn’t anymore until Kyvio 2.0) and of course the status of Kyvio 2.0.


Smart Memberships now has a new – IMPORTANT feature.

Some of our customers mentioned that they would like the ability to resend the member credentials to any of their members. Now you can do that with Kyvio.

This is a handy tool in case a member didn’t see or receive their login details.

Resend emails

New Features

Last month, we set up proactive help in case your SMTP malfunctions. We have now added a new feature (internal bot) to quickly notify our support team about critical support tickets to improve response time on those tickets.


  • General: we’ve updated the Stackpath API with their latest changes. This will make communication faster and more stable. We haven’t had any hiccups for months.
  • General: for Thrivecart integration some notifications sometimes were going to the wrong site (in case you have multiple sites) due to limitations of their integration. We found a solution for it and implemented this.
  • Smart Memberships: users were unable to set Sendgrid integration as the default SMTP to send Smart Memberships transactional emails, now you can.
  • Smart Memberships: Stripe supports product price as low as $0.50 cent. Our system supported from $1 USD and above. We’ve now changed it to support as low as 50 cents.
  • Smart Memberships: we’ve added a ‘state’ field on user request so you can ask people to add their home state (in case you need to ship anything).
  • Smart Funnels: we’ve improved how split testing works. Before, if you added a new variation it will directly & automatically enable split testing with 50-50% split of traffic. Now when you create a new variant, you manually have to turn on the split testing feature so that you can just create variations first and when you want to turn on split testing.

Bug fixes:

  • Smart Mailer: the recipient’s number of a re-send of any broadcast were off in some scenarios. This has been fixed.
  • Smart Funnels: after deleting all variants (including the original) the system gave a 404 error (not found). Now you can’t delete the last ‘variant’ anymore, you will just have to delete the page to fully delete it.
  • Smart Funnels: similar to the above bug, a funnel page would still be ‘published’ although all variants were deleted which makes no sense. Hence the same fix as above.
  • Smart Funnels: (fontawesome) icons were not showing correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Smart Mailer: optin notification email (to list owner) wasn’t working correctly in case the notification was set up as a product action. This has been fixed.
  • Smart Funnels: A few (older) templates had some images not loading. This has been fixed.
  • Smart Funnels: when you place a countdown timer in the builder, it would not show inside the builder but only after publishing. Now it shows inside the builder as it should.
  • General: Cookie bar showed on WP website even though it was disabled. This has been fixed.
  • Smart Memberships: interface issue, the price was distorted a little bit if price type was subscription and trial was activated. This has been fixed.
  • General: onboarding video was taken offline for a few days because the 3rd party application we use for the interactive videos had issues.
  • Smart Mailer: sending a test email when re-sending a broadcast wasn’t working. This has been fixed.
  • Smart Memberships: purchase receipt notification emails to kyvian account owner and admin weren’t working. This has been fixed.

Kyvio 2.0 status update:

We have started a big DevOps push that is planned to last 6 weeks as of Monday the first of July. The goal is having everything up and running in Alpha (internal testing) on production at the end of this period!

One of our front-end devs was let go and the replacement person left us after just 2 weeks, so that caused some delay on front-end development. But some of our backend devs are also transitioning to full-stack. So they are helping to pick up the slack on the front-end.

We’ve made some great progress on the further integration of our new Kyvio builder with the rest of the system to make life easier for you as a user.

100% of all the work is going towards improvements, fixing bugs and testing to get Kyvio 2.0 beta ready for y’all! No new features are being added anymore (all is there that was planned for Kyvio 2.0. We still have a ton of new stuff in the pipeline but we’ll start those after kyvio 2.0 is launched)

Onwards to the Kyvio 2.0 revolution!!

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