Kyvio 2 Feb 22 (22022022) – 19 May 2022  updates

Kyvio 2 Updates

It’s been a while – but we surely haven’t been sitting still! With the release of our complete publishing rewrite (detailed below), we figured we should also publish a list of fixes, improvements and new features that we put out since our last update. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

New Features

Dashboard: DNS Manager HOT

An amazing new huge feature that offers our users who use NS domain mapping full control of your DNS. So if you want to point a subdomain to some other place, you can. Want to control your email DNS entries with Kyvio? You can. Need to use some DNS verification (e.g. for Google)? Now you can!

Dashboard: Redirect Manager HOT

With this incredible new feature, you can set up redirects on your subfolders to another subfolder or even different domains. So, for example,* can now easily be redirected to* (includes wildcards or just 1 page etc). Note there’s a max of 8 redirects per Kyvio site.

Dashboard: 404 detections feature

When you go to ‘edit site’ in the Kyvio dashboard app, you can now turn on reports for 404 detections. So if your funnels or membership site pages regularly get 404 hits, you can see this and take action to correct and save this lost traffic!

Builder: Complete publishing process rewrite for the future

About a month and a half ago, we got a support request from a user who had a 200+ page business website, and when he tried to publish it, some pages didn’t get published, missing images here and there and some other weirdness.

Then coincidentally, the same week, we were working on our new Kyvio main website (to be launched soon now), which was also pretty big and had some of these issues. We concluded that our current, wait-while-it-publishes-all approach was not working for bigger sites.

Hence we had to rewrite the complete publishing process to make it async per page publishing so it can support huge websites with many hundreds of pages. This project has now been completed and is live on production. We’ve also improved support for SVG images being uploaded by users.


Kyvio improvements updates

General; faster loading app by loading the language files more smartly and preparing for our first full platform translation later this year. Updated various libraries and optimized styling code (CSS)

General: some general UX improvements throughout the app

General: final preparations for the domain change from -> are done

Smart Products: many small UX improvements (e.g. adding price variant by default when creating a new product. Saves you 2 clicks!). 

Smart Funnels: a while ago, we added the ability to add tags to funnels to organize yourself if you have a lot of funnels. However, it was possible to set some system build-in tags (‘archived’, ‘active’) by the user, which created issues.

Smart Funnels & Smart Memberships: we had checked to avoid double slugs in the Smart Funnels system, but we lacked a check to make sure the slug for a funnel was not the same as the chosen slug for your member’s area. This led to people trying to publish a funnel in their member’s area, which led to problems with CSS and other things. You can not no longer do this.

Smart Funnels: cloned pages were not displayed immediately in the app’s interface. You had to reload the page; this is now fixed.

Dashboard: Media manager loading issues improved if the number of files was very high with big image thumbnails

Dashboard: tons of small improvements, UX improvements, purely technical updates and technical updates.

Smart Memberships: If a course is locked inside the member’s area, the button colour and icons now show this.

Smart Memberships: if you add a digital product to your membership site for download, it would still show ‘completion stats’ for this product, which does not make sense, so we removed that.

Smart Memberships: when a lesson, module or product was cloned, it also included the sequential settings, which didn’t make sense and occasionally led to some weirdness. The sequential settings are no longer copied when cloning any of these assets.

Membervio: Membervio users who did not get access to Smart Funnels (or Funnelvio) could not set their front-end site (as that is part of Smart Funnels), so now we just automatically redirect to your Membervio landing page.

Smart Memberships: we’ve updated the way emails are being sent out by actually hyperlinking the links instead of having the links as long URLs as text in the emails.

Smart Memberships: long module names were not properly displayed in members’ areas on some screens. This has been improved.

Smart Memberships: submit worksheet button labels in the members’ area have been updated as requested by Kyvians to more generic text.

Smart Memberships: saving and correctly displaying content in some other (non-Latin alphabet) languages was not working correctly, so we added proper support for that now.

Smart Journeys: we’ve made some small improvements to the Kyvio JS tag that handles all funnel stats, Smart Journey execution logic etc.*

Smart Journeys: many UI issues were fixed, and improvements were made both in the journey canvas builder and in the emulator mode.

Smart Journeys: email sequences action node has had various UX and functional improvements. Still, some work needs to be done here. 

Bug fixes

Kyvio bug fixes updates

Smart Memberships: admin user can’t visit the product overview page as an admin.

Smart Memberships: dashboard product table sorting was not working

Smart Memberships: the stats for digital download products in the membership weren’t displayed correctly.

Smart Memberships: if you deleted a module cover image, it was not accepting a new image to upload anymore.

Smart Memberships: worksheet submission dates displayed in the system were incorrect. This was an aesthetical thing and is fixed now.

Smart Memberships: there was a delay to be able to add a new member to a recently created price variant (due to caching). This is fixed and you can now instantly add a member to a new price variant. The same happened with deleted modules still showing in sequential settings.

Smart Memberships: in most templates for SM sites, the ‘countries’ dropdown field on the registration pages was not showing up.

Smart Products: coupon sorting and opening calendar tool for creating coupons wasn’t working correctly

Smart Products: ton of small (UX) fixes and improvements on the Smart Product creation guide

Smart Products: in some scenarios, the user set ‘refund email’ was sent out when a user just cancelled their subscription. This should not happen, of course, and was quickly fixed.

Smart Products: in some situations, the email for a recurring product displayed the wrong ‘your next billing date’.

Smart Products: in some rare cases, the encrypted token to cancel subscriptions gave problems, and as a result, the subscription could not be cancelled by the customer

Smart Products: in product settings ‘action’ in step 4, the actions for Mailchimp integration were not working due to some API update on their side. This is now fixed.

Smart Funnels: editing the funnel name was not working in specific situations.

Smart Funnels: unable to remove an imported funnel stuck at xx%.

Smart Funnels: updating funnel traffic cost setting generated a white screen and was not working. This has been fixed.

Smart Funnels: Linking a button to a popup with an external URL led to it displaying a 404 instead of in the popup.

Share asset page: was giving a javascript console error that is fixed

Dashboard: fixed the connection with our support desk, so it correctly shows support answers on your dashboard if you have open tickets

Dashboard: when trying to click the ‘save profile’ button, it moved around. We managed to catch it and pin it to one spot now 🙂

Builder: certain plugin actions caused some errors – those are now fixed

Math skill coaching – Smart Funnel template
Krypto – Smart Memberships template

*Important note: as a result of updating our Kyvio Smart Tag to prepare us to move from to and some other small improvements, we need to re-publish EVERY single funnel and Smart Membership site. We will do this FOR you (you don’t need to do anything), but this process will take various days to complete, and you should be aware of it if you have changes saved as a draft in the builder but not yet published on purpose.

What is next

Kyvio updates - What's next

The biggest thing we are working on is switching to our page builder v4, which will introduce a blocks-based layout instead of pure free-form. This will massively improve the ease of making pages responsive and look good on all screen sizes.

Then next in line is the Smart Memberships product auto-login feature. A system that detects that a user has just purchased a member product and is a new member and then auto logs in this user with the click of a button to his/her account.

The number one support request one normally gets from such product launches or evergreen products is ‘where are my login details?’ (even though they were sent 100%). This feature will solve this problem and let the buyer instantly and securely log in and set their own password at that very moment, so they never have to complain about this at your support desk ever again!

Then we’re also working hard on fixing the number reporting that we show. The visitor stats we show in our system are based on reports processed based on raw data. The raw data is good (we checked and triple checked), but generating the reports is not 100% reliable and needs to be fixed.

On this same note, we’ll start calculating how much storage space each user is using in Kyvio and start enforcing the limits that we had set as per when you bought your account. We haven’t, but we’ve noticed that our storage is going a bit rampant lately. Most likely just a few users (unknowingly) abusing the system, so we’ll start properly tracking that, and we’ll have to limit some users in their storage usage (stop uploading 10+ MB images to your funnels – it does not make sense for anybody!).

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