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2018, WHAT a year right? It was good, it was terrible, it was hard it was easy.. let’s talk Kyvio 2018 in numbers and the meaning behind them!

So usually, I preach not to spend time in the past but look forward to planning and execution. That said, once-in-a-while it is good to look back and do the balances (quarters & years). This habit helps you to course-correct by measuring results. Plus, you can learn from those results and use what you learned to adjust your plan and continue to execute.

Here, I will give you a summary of all the key numbers from Kyvio in 2018. Since our acquisition of all the Kyvio shares in November 2017, we have been fully focused on further developing the platform.

We created Kyvio for us, and you

We are not just a development team. Instead, we ourselves use Kyvio day in, day out. Personally, it’s the first web-app I log in every day, and the last app I log out of. We want Kyvio to be the best software of its kind. This requires managing developers, support and marketing personnel – it’s a juggling act. Our goal – to create a platform that people love to use and where online entrepreneurs run their thriving businesses.

Besides working hard on Kyvio 2.0 during the whole of 2018 we have also been pumping out new updates for Kyvio 1.0. This has happened consistently – often twice a month (for 8 months) and 1 time a month for the last 2 months. In total, we have added over 100 new features, and 223 improvements and bug fixes have been made. This has dramatically improved the platform and made it more usable, faster and more stable.

Plus – our support team kicks butt!

Kyvio is a great platform to build funnels, membership sites and do email marketing. Right now, we have 4,525 people who actively use Kyvio to develop their business.

In 2019 with the launch of Kyvio 2.0, a complete rebuild from scratch, we hope to welcome a lot more new users and more than double the current number of users!

Now, let’s go through some of the numbers from 2018.

In 2018, Kyvio saw over 9.2 million page visits on its platform, coming from 2.7 million visitors. This is a considerable number, considering that Kyvio houses 6246 active funnels. This equals close to 1472 visits per funnel. Incredible, right?

SO many visitors…

Now, as you can imagine, not every funnel gets traffic (I have at least 20 funnels that are in test mode!) We have users that are generating over 50,000 hits every single month, and some users that are still waiting to start.

Kyvio houses 2375 courses, with 34,744 students enrolled. Selling access to all these courses Kyvians have generated a total of $588,527.19 USD.

Student results in 2018

This amount is ONLY what we can track in the case where users sell access to a course hosted by Smart Memberships. All other sales via funnels are not tracked in Kyvio 1.0 so the actual number is a LOT higher.

Our goals in 2019…

We want to, at least 5x our current numbers, and help all Kyvians get to $5 million+ in collective sales.

We’re going to do that with a ton of education and mentoring, which you can read more about on the Smart Academic page. If you are a Kyvian, Smart Academy is already activated for you – so go check it out!

Now, let’s talk about Smart Mailer, which is one of the most used features of Kyvio. Smart Mailer currently houses 1.5 million leads generated by all Kyvians. In 2018, 617,000 new leads were added to the platform and 1,053,000 unique people received an email sent my Smart Mailer.

Altogether, Kyvio helped send out over 19 million emails in 2018.

More than 1.5M emails a month!

Cool, right?

How did Kyvio User-Base Grow in 2018?

Finally, some more insights into the Kyvio user base. In January 2018, we ran a special deal on AppSumo, which brought in over 2000 new Kyvians. After this promo, the ‘one-time deal’ was removed forever and throughout the year we had a steady, but slow growth.

It is a difficult market with a lot of competition which we know. With the upcoming launch of Kyvio 2.0 we are going to up our game by not 10x but 100x. Making lives of Kyvians much easier (and better!)

If you care about the customer journey, smart (adaptive) funnels, speed (= conversions) and kick-ass templates then you will LOVE Kyvio 2.0

Throughout the year, Kyvians have been providing great feedback. Sharing what they would like to see in Kyvio to better run their businesses. All this feedback is collected on our feedback portal and we use this for all our future plans. So if you want to have influence on what comes next, make sure to visit the feedback portal and let us know what you want & need!

From the whole Kyvio Team we wish you a great 2019 and we are stoked to have you as a valued Kyvian family member!

We will do everything we can to provide you with a platform that helps you excel your business in 2019. Remember, Kyvio is an accelerator for the global society switch from a knowledge economy to an entrepreneurial economy. We promote abundance mindset and help Kyvians solve crucial societal problems in an adaptive world.

With that in mind, if you are NOT a Kyvian yet (huh?) click here get Kyvio.

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