Kyvio 1.0 April Release – Improved Security, and Key Smart Mailer Updates

Welcome to another Kyvio release party :).

We haven’t been making updates as often, because most of our efforts are focused in Kyvio 2.0. As announced in our February post (and previous ones…) we are now in ‘maintenance mode’ of Kyvio 1.0. When Kyvio 2.0 is ready, we will start onboarding beta users.

Having said that, we have a developer who is consistently working on Kyvio 1.0 bugs as well as minor improvements to Smart Mailer (as you’ll soon see!)

And since we haven’t gotten around to posting about the -many- updates, consider this a summary of what has been released since our last release post.


One of our KEY focus with Kyvio is privacy and security. In that – we have added new DDOS protection provider to make sure all your websites are protected!

Services like this cost a lot, so we’ve invested a lot of resources to make sure you don’t face any downtime due to DDOS attacks. We already had basic protection in past, but this has now been beefed up.

New Features:

Email Automations Made Better!
  1. New custom domain flow including free SSL protection (no more LetsEncrypt limits)
  2. Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection; available on request for your site via support
  3. Always online protection + better speed using a global cache network
  4. Smart Mailer: Set multiple automation on the same list with the same action. E.g. if you want to provide multiple links in 1 email and if clicked send the clicker to different other lists!
  5. Smart Mailer: new API endpoint to retrieve sequence emails for a user
  6. Smart Mailer: you can now add multiple email lists as a source list for an automation
  7. Smart Mailer: ‘save as draft’ option in Smart Mailer is re-added. It was gone for a while with the new interface update.


Improved Domain Mapping
  1. General: added more checks for domain validation for custom domains as some people even managed to insert their kyvio domains there and other non-valid domain names
  2. Smart Mailer: deleting segments that were previously used in a broadcast was not possible, it is now so you can clean up.
  3. General: improved various notifications and confirmation boxes etc.
  4. General: removed ‘dealguardian’ from payment platform integrations.
  5. Smart Mailer: added a ‘select all’ option when creating new segments in the list manager
  6. General: Kyvio WP plugin various smaller improvements and made it compatible with our new DDOS protection and WAF.
  7. Smart Mailer: email broadcast preview background color was not pretty and made the preview hard to read so we fixed this.
  8. Smart Mailer: the advanced option of using custom headers and in particular ‘reply-to’ header got some extra checks to make it work and tested with Sendgrid & Sparkpost
  9. General: we found a few more static resources that weren’t moved to CDN or not minified properly to improve page load speed
  10. Smart Mailer: added various checks and better notifications around SMTP integrations (including for SendInBlue) and sending errors
  11. General: fixed some spelling mistakes

Bug Fixes:

  1. Smart Funnels: button icons weren’t showing
  2. Smart Memberships: it was not possible to edit individual pages (e.g. edit background on 1 page) without affected all pages. Now you can.
  3. Smart Funnels: form field label wasn’t changing color in the editor
  4. General: changing your kyvio account email broke access to Smart Academy access
  5. Smart Mailer: the wrong tab selected when going to ‘details’ in the optin builder
  6. Smart Memberships: cloned elements weren’t working properly
  7. Smart Funnels: popups that are bigger than the screen didn’t show a scroll bar, this is now fixed. Although you should always aim to make popups not that big
  8. Smart Mailer: some optin stats weren’t displayed correctly
  9. Smart Funnels: some stats weren’t displaying correctly
  10. General: GoToWebinar integration was fixed
  11. Blog module: subscribe form widget wasn’t working
  12. General: ConstantContact integration fixed
  13. Smart Mailer: fixed test sending sequence emails that were sent multiple times (only when testing)
  14. Smart Funnels: Funnel transfer feature was not available for 24-month special birthday package while it should have. Fixed.
  15. Smart Mailer: Some users had issues with the Smart Mailer optin form HTML code and CSS on their pages. This has been fixed, note that you need to re-copy the code to the page where you had issues.

That’s it for now!

Stay active, stay engaged.

And if you don’t have it already, go get Kyvio ASAP. Our pricing changes DRAMATICALLY when Kyvio 2.0 is released to the public.

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