Kyvio August – October Updates

It’s been a while!
We had a few challenges we were working on that delayed the release for longer than we wanted but that does mean this release is BIG!

Currently in the Kyvio team we are working with release based cycles where we do releases of a group of bug fixes, improvements and new features. Some companies do this per month, some every 6 months or some even once a year.

Ours, normally, is once every 3 weeks (work of 2 weeks and 1 week to prep the release). Now the Kyvio team is working VERY hard to make this release cycle a thing of the past and move to task-by-task release strategy. Or in technical terms ‘continuous deployment’ where at the moment a task is ready it goes to production.

This is good for you because any bug fixes, improvements and new features get into your Kyvio accounts MUCH faster.

The thing is, this approach is easier said than done though. We have to make sure that unfinished and untested fixes, improvements or features don’t end up in your hands. We plan to get this new release cycle implemented in +/- 2 months from now (so end of the year).

More future-gazing for Kyvio bellow all the update information!

Now let’s jump in all the updates included in this release.

New Features

HOT: ‘Clone to’ Feature
You can now clone a page from Funnel A to Funnel B! This is a HUGE time-saver and way to build your funnels 10x faster. Note that the header and footer are NOT copied so it’s the body of the page that is copied. This way the style of Funnel B keeps represented.

Smart Memberships: members can now remove their likes from comments.

Smart Memberships: Admin user (the Kyvian) can now set comments to private and delete them if needed.

Smart Memberships: you can now set the member discussion (commenting) feature ON/OFF per lesson in the lesson settings and also turn this on/off in bulk in the membership site content builder.
Note that before the member discussion feature was a separate plugin. This plugin has been removed and that feature is not included with the lesson content plugin in the builder!


Smart Memberships: when you switch to a different theme after creating your membership site already you will lose data. We’ve added a clear warning with confirmation for you so that doesn’t happen by accident.

Smart Products: When clicking on the ‘preview module’ button when creating your Smart Memberships content before you saved the content opened a 404 link. We now added a warning to first save when you click that button.

Smart Memberships: the ‘free preview lessons’ label in the product overview has been giving a better look and position (

Smart Memberships: we added some checks and controls for long lesson names to make sure they look good in the members area.

Smart Memberships: when you load the edit modules page in Smart Products we previously had all modules expanded which create a cluttered UX so now they all load collapsed except for the first one for a better and more clean page to work on.

Smart Products: when setting up a recurring product with a trial period we have added some information to make it crystal clear what the settings you set represent.

Onboarding: the Smart Membership template previewing is added in the onboarding. They are small videos that show the membership templates.

Smart Products: when cloning a product with payment information set to another site that might not have that payment platform integration created problems. So now when cloning products we omit payment information so this will need to be set again in the cloned product.

Dashboard: the ‘recent activity’ block is updated to be more useful and clear. We’ve updated the texts and links so it serves as quick links to stuff you were previously working on.

Dashboard: when you click a specific notification (via top right Kyvio Notifications in the app) before you were just taken to the notifications overview page. Now when you click a specific notification we take you to the notifications page to that exact notification.

Smart Memberships: when importing members via .csv files and some rows had incomplete data or didn’t comply with ‘strong password’ settings they were just skipped but this was not communicated clearly to the user. Now you will find a report via your Kyvio in-app notifications when it’s done and you can also see it via ‘import monitor’.

Smart Products: If you had set a product with delivery method KPDN but forgot to set KPDN URL or secret you got a warning ‘kpdnDataMissingWarning’ in your Kyvio Notification center. This is not very clear so this is now a proper message including what to do and what is missing.

Smart Memberships: in the builder you can change settings for some plugins (products overview, modules overview) to either horizontal or vertical layout. This obviously changes the height it needs on the page. Also in some other situations height requirements can change. We’ve now added some code to automatically fix this for you.

Smart Products: we’ve increased the amount of price variants you can create per product to 25.

Bug Fixes

Smart Memberships: Rating a lesson by a member had a small UX issue where when member mouse-over the rating stars only the last star was highlighted instead of all up until that star

General: Sendiio integration fixed

General: In the dashboard media-manager in some scenarios users got an error when trying to rename a folder. This has been fixed.

Smart Products: Small UX issue where variables were not properly replaced ( This is fixed now.

Smart Memberships: the ‘save’ button for the registration page settings didn’t work. 

Smart Memberships: When a member tried to rate a lesson (5-star rating) it gave a 500 error. This is fixed.

Smart Memberships: reordering modules while creating your members area acted a bit weird sometimes due a caching issue. This is fixed now.

Smart Membership: in some scenarios after editing lesson content and you hit save, the changes did not show up on the site. This was a caching issue and is now fixed.

Smart Products: the goal tracking value for ‘Value per conversion’ could not be removed. You can now clear it completely.

Smart Memberships: as the owner of a membership site (admin) there were a few scenarios where the admin could not access the products of the site when browsing the members area.

Smart Memberships: saving some of the different emails sent by the system did not work.

Smart Products: Stripe and Kyvio checkout Free abandoned checkout action. This was not showing up in actions correctly in all scenarios – it’s all good and working as expected now.

Dashboard: ability to create a folder with the same name as a previously deleted folder did not work in the media manager.

Smart Funnels: in some scenarios when you deleted funnel pages and then republished the deleted pages came back. This spooky action has been abominated. 

Smart Memberships: when a new member registered for a membership site the verification email that gets sent had wrong subject. 

Smart Memberships: in the worksheets the values {{Blank}} and {{Blank,{value}}} were not shown as input fields in the preview (it worked fine for the members). This has been fixed.

Smart Memberships: The discussion (commenting) feature is now fully and properly responsive so it works and looks good on mobile too.

Smart Products: when you are editing a product and moving between steps but you forgot to save your changes we now detect this and give you a warning so you don’t accidentally not save your changes. 


Integrations: We have removed the ‘Market Hero’ integration as this product was merged with Hyros and has pivoted significantly and hence making the integration useless.

Integrations: We had Paddle as a preferred checkout integration as part of ‘Kyvio Checkout’. However their API is horrible to work with and their support is unresponsive and difficult to deal with. So we have removed Paddle from ‘1-click upsell’ support and we will demote them to just any payment platform integration and they will be removed from ‘Kyvio checkout’ soon-ish.

New Templates

Career advancement – Smart Membership template

Course Creation Agency – Smart Funnel template

Video Hosting Service – Smart Funnel template

Financy – Smart Membership template

Internet Marketing – Smart Membership template

Podcast – Smart Membership template

Digital Art – Smart Membership template

So that was quite a long list right, are ready to Future-gaze a bit with us now?

So what can you expect from Kyvio in the near future?

1 We are still working very hard on Smart Journeys.
A complete new module that will revolutionize Customer Lifetime Value strategies in your company. This is a visual drag & drop online customer journey builder that can implement the logic you visually build out and make your journeys and funnels adaptive to the customer’s behavior!

When? This is planned to be launched end of January 2022

2 Kyvio goes Web3.0 (& Metaverse)
We’re working on some very cool features and already in talks with some NFT projects to bring your marketing automation tools for the Metaverse. The exact details are still a secret but before end of the year we plan to launch the first features related to this! #excited

When? Before end of this year

3 Kyvio builder v4
Long talked about – still in the works. For the new builder only a handful of improvements need to be made but when those are done we also need to upgrade all our templates and rebuild a bunch of plugins we’ve build over time and that will still take quite some time.

When? First quarter of 2022

Of course besides these major projects we are working on we will still continue adding improvements and other features to the existing parts of the platform. Some notable ones are:
– Builder plugin to templatize blocks and re-use them on other pages (60% done)
– DNS manager (yet to be started)
– Facebook Conversion API integration (yet to be started)
– and much more!

That’s all for now! Welcome to all new Membervio Kyvians!

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