Kyvio 1.0 December Release – Smart Academy, Faster Pages

Note from Steven: From now on we will be posting all Kyvio updates under the Updates category on our Blog. This makes it easier for the marketing team to update and post the updates as soon as we release them. You can check out our previous changelog updates here

We continue to grind our way to Kyvio 2.0, and have made significant progress with the new servers based on Google Cloud Pro and AWS. So expect page load speed to be REALLY fast once that’s live. In the meantime, we are continuously making changes to Kyvio 1.0 to make it even more impressive for you.

Here’s what we were able to accomplish within December:

(Quick video to check out everything we’ve added):


Smart Academy: As announced earlier we have added the appropriate access levels to everybody their accounts. Smart Academy is exclusive Kyvio business training on how you can grow your online business. We have a 4-figure academy, 5-figure academy and 6-figure academy each with more in-depth training on how to get your business to that level. You can read more about it on the Kyvio Smart Academy page.

Access Smart Academy right from your Kyvio dashboard


  1. Smart Mailer: Simple but very convenient new feature, we now remember your timezone settings for your emails. So it will always directly set the timezone you last used for your email broadcasts.
We help default the right time for your broadcasts
  1. General – Kyvio Customer Effort Satisfaction Survey
    We implemented another survey that will popup every now and then to get your feedback more regularly to make sure we are improving.
  2. Smart Funnels – Delete custom templates. Some users have made a lot of custom templates they don’t use anymore. Before there was no way to delete them making it harder to find the ones you do use. We added a feature to delete custom templates
You can now delete custom templates you’ve created


  1. Smart Mailer: Added an extra check to not use as the bounce forward address (as that makes no sense; but few users tried it anyway). If you try and do it now, it will throw an error.
  2. Smart Mailer: sequences were not fired when using the List Cleaner tool to move subscribers from one list to another. It does now.
  3. Smart Mailer: On validation error the whole email content would disappear which was obviously annoying as you had to rewrite / re-copy the content again if it happened. Now the email content will be remembered as it should.
  4. General: we optimized some javascript code saving a few 100 kb on page load platform wide. Booyah!
  5. Blog: On validation error the blog post would disappear which was obviously annoying as you had to rewrite / re-copy the whole post if it happened. Improvements have been made here.


  1. Smart Memberships: editing uncategorized lessons resulted in an error.
  2. Smart Funnels: saving pages as HTML when using custom domains was not working.
  3. Smart Memberships: registration page on custom domains was not working correctly in some cases .
  4. General: Audio from onboarding video kept running after closing the popup.
  5. Smart Memberships: favicon was not loading properly.
  6. Smart Funnels: reset counters fixed for page stats
  7. Smart Funnels: reset counters fixed for split tests
  8. Smart Memberships: zaxaa price number was not saving correctly. Zaxaa can have multiple price options per product (SKU) so you need to set this correctly in our system.

Sounds too much to take in right now?  Check out our knowledge base and learn more about each of these updates.

Also, if you’re wondering whether it’s still the right time to become a Kyvian, enjoy your $1 trial here for two weeks. It could be what you are missing to help you turn your knowledge into profits.

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