Kyvio & Funnelvio December Updates

New Features

HOT: Kyvio Builder – Custom CSS/JS per page
You are now able to add/change custom CSS & JS code PER page instead of per funnel.

HOT: Stripe European payment methods now available
With your Stripe integration, currently for one-time products only, you now get ‘Bank payments’ tab on the checkout page which supports iDeal, Bancontact, EPS, GiroPay, P24 and Sofort.

We are looking into adding support for recurring payments as well with these bank payment methods but that is pretty damn complex so that will take some more time.

HOT: Churn busting Controls The Smart Product ‘Actions’ tab has received a big update giving you more control and ability to setup some kick-ass automations to fight churn.

Check out the churn busting feature in this video

Kyvio Builder: Template all updates
All Smart Funnel templates have been updated and we’ve fixed a lot of smaller imperfections, improved the ready-made example copy on the page and of course for the checkout pages moved the extra CSS to be included on only the checkout page and not also on all other pages in the funnel. We are now working on converting all our new funnel designs to templates. We’ll release the first few ones soon now.

This short video show a before and after example for the Checkout page

Smart Products: Transaction overview and management
For Kyvio checkout only we now added an overview of all transactions per customer with controls to refund one transaction. We also fixed the ‘sales page’ value so you can easily see where the customer bought the product.

Check out the video on Transaction overview and management

Smart Funnels: we’ve added BULK permanent delete of archived funnels

Check out the video here


Dashboard: add-ons either gifted or purchased were not showing on your account page. They are now shown in the list.

Dashboard: Media manager file name checks added to make sure they are not too long and removing of weird characters and characters with accents.

Dashboard: we’ve made a good start to move our code base from Vanilla ReactJS to Typescript React for better code quality, better maintainability and speed (this will be a multi-month change slowly making this switch).

Dashboard: we’ve added your total space usage in the media manager so you know how much space you have left.

Smart Products: we’ve made whole bunch of small improvements and fixes in the create and edit products flow.

Smart Products: For the PayKickStart integration we’ve added error message if a IPN was not processed correctly for some reason. This error can then be seen in PKS IPN log.

Smart Products: when you create coupon codes to use with Kyvio checkout before you were allowed to not select any product price variants. We’ve made this obligatory now as this is needed for some payment platform integrations.

Smart Products: we had the feature to archive your products but there was no option to ‘unarchive’ your products. We’ve added this feature.

General: password reset option now also works with either your contact email or your payment email on file.

Smart Funnels: goal tracking improved and now always using the amount of the purchase as the goal value.

Smart Funnels: if you turned on the ‘one-pager’ option after publishing the pages sometimes didn’t look good with some elements wrongly placed and overlapping. We’ve improved the support for these pages.

Bug fixes

General: Traffic per month was not being displayed correctly in your account profile.

General: if a Kyvian let a Kyvio subscription expire we were sending our goodbye email twice

General: in a specific situation when you are creating a new Kyvio site and you first upload a wrong file format for any of the fields and then correct it and try to create the site it was giving an error the site URL already existed even though it didn’t.

General: in the Dashboard media manager tool the file size of uploaded files was calculated wrongly

Dashboard: Team manager was giving a javascript error which is now fixed.

Smart Funnels: domain extensions longer than 6 characters were not accepted for importing. Now the length of the domain extension doesn’t matter anymore.

Smart Funnels: we fixed and improved some checks in our publish process especially around imported page with bad HTML, missing images etc

Smart Funnels: Quick stats and funnel stats numbers were not properly displaying. We’ve now fixed this. We have big plans for our stats, the collecting of stats is already being done after Smart Memberships is done we will start working on some beautiful funnel visualizations with filters etc.

Onboarding: importing funnel pages during the onboarding steps got stuck.

Smart Funnels: popup modals sometimes had incorrect size (width or height) after publishing.

Smart funnels: if your Kyvio site was set to ‘unpublished’ and you imported a page in a funnel it got stuck at 100%.

Smart Funnels: even though if your kyvio site was unpublished the system allowed you to do bulk publish of funnels which create wrong data and weird situation which is now fixed.

Smart Products: when creating a coupon if you removed the ‘end date’ the ‘save coupon’ button would get disabled and not get back to activated anymore.

Smart Funnels: business site download had some issues giving wrong files.

Smart memberships for Kyvio 2
We’ve made a ton of progress and we hope to be able to invite BETA users around 15th of January. This is NOT a promised date as we do still have some challenges to solve and there’s a lot of holidays between now and then.

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