Kyvio & Funnelvio update galore

We are happy to present a HUGE update for Kyvio (2) and Funnelvio.

New Features

Smart Funnels: funnel import now show import status and progress. We’ve also build-in a automatic retry feature in case a page fails due to connection / page load issues. There are still a few more improvements and extra checks in progress to make the process even smoother.

Smart Products: we’ve added all supported currencies for each payment processor we support. The system will automatically filter the currencies that are supported by the processor that you have chosen.

Smart Funnels: permanently deleting funnels feature on the backend added. Soon we’ll add it to frontend. So then after archiving your funnel you can also permanently delete your funnels to clean up.

Smart Funnels: template preview feature all fixed and made available both in Smart Funnels and in onboarding.

Smart Funnels: imported funnels can now be shared as well.

Dashboard: Zapier integration is public and live for all now and comes with whole bunch of example zaps to use.


Smart Products: Stripe checkout input better validation added

Dashboard: various small UX improvements made

Smart Products: Visa requirements for subscription products are now based on the actual amounts charged and not what is set in the product settings and we fixed a few bugs.

Smart Funnels: business site creation and handling has had a complete remake to make it more stable and easier to use.

Smart Funnels: bulk archive made 10x faster

Smart Funnels: improved funnel name validation

Dashboard: various improvements for custom domain mapping in case (timeout) errors happen with our DNS service and DDOS protection services

Bug fixes

Smart Funnels: in certain situations the drag & drop for ordering your funnel pages didn’t work.

Smart Products: for some users when they bought Funnelvio via a shared asset they didn’t receive the asset after purchase.

Smart Funnels: mobile responsiveness issue with menu.

Smart Funnels: internal page links were not working after publishing.

Smart Products: blackhat protection on product delivery methods file download and redirect URL have been fixed

Smart Products: cancelling subscriptions and processing refunds for payment processors supported by ‘Kyvio Checkout’ fixed. Note that we are working on adding a ‘per transaction’ overview and control for refunding etc to give you even more control right inside Kyvio.

Smart Products: JVzoo rebill event fixed.

Smart Funnels: when user published or closed the builder while in ‘preview mode’ the page would get all messed up (all element stacked).

Smart Funnels: if user would mess up the menu or when using the ‘restore’ feature in some situations the funnel would not be published correctly due to a mismatch of pages in existence.

Smart Funnels: SEO settings for your funnel pages where not properly published.

Dashboard: recent activity and Kyvian access fixed.

Dashboard: account settings page had whole bunch of bugs that are all fixed now.

Dashboard: uploading site logo, favicon and sitemap fixed.

The team
In the last few weeks we’ve been on quite the hiring spree. We have added new support staff to help you out with all questions, we’ve added new frontend developers to push our improvements and progress there, new template builder to help improving and creating new templates and finally 2 new Quality Assurance Agents for more testing.

It takes some time for all these new people to get full onboarding and working on 100% capacity but we expect to be on 100% team strenght soon for even faster progress on all possible parts of Kyvio!

What is coming up?
Always good to know of course!
– we are working on a big template improvement round with lots of small issues that slipped through, especially on the Kyvio checkout pages.

– Better support for 100% free products (via Kyvio Checkout)

– Split testing for Smart Funnels pages

– Cost settings for Smart Funnels pages

– Bug fix; setting a page’s title via page settings doesn’t work (currently only via the builder)

– Clickbank payment provider fix (missing a username input field)

– Builder optin form plugin

– Some major code improvements (refactoring some backend endpoints and refactoring frontend to typescript + introducing code splitting for faster and more future proof UI)

– We’ve had various people ask for addon upgrades to add more team members so we’re working on self-service instant upgrades from without your account via the powerup page.

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