Kyvio January 2021 Release

Kyvio Jan 2021 update

Hey, y’all!

We genuinely hope you, your family and your business have made it through 2020! It has been a rough year for many and weird for everybody but many people who run online businesses did have a great opportunity to thrive.

Kyvio has grown a lot, and although we still haven’t gotten to publishing our 2020 in numbers post I can share we grown our revenue by more than 200% and our profits like 20x which sets us up for an even better 2021!

For now, in this blog post, I want to share all January updates and an update on the progress for Smart Memberships v2.

New Features

Smart Funnels: Kyvio Optin Plugin **HOT**
The long-awaited plugin to quickly create your opt-in forms in the builder. You can automatically generate your opt-in form based on the email autoresponder integrations you have or just add your own custom HTML. The auto-generated opt-in forms are simple designs, we will add more design options later. You can always use the form designer from your CRM / autoresponder tool and just copy-paste the HTML code via this same plugin as well!

Smart product: Thrivecart checkout as a popup integration.

Not a completely new feature but further improved and we wanted to put this to your attention as it’s a really cool option:

Smart funnels: GEO variables are now available on your published pages! When you use these variables in the builder as plain-text they will be automatically be replaced on the published site for each visitor:





This way you can personalize the page to your visitor and/or add some extra important data to your forms (a bit more advanced).

Builder: you can now set custom JS and CSS per page in the builder instead of having to set this and it is included in every page always. A huge improvement in speed and flexibility. This included us having to make some changes to all our templates and re-publish all funnels (this was done for you automatically). If you have any funnels with messed up CSS please re-publish, and if you have any other issues as always just contact our support.

Smart funnels: for all users who are using their custom domains we added a new SEO feature of setting your canonical header with the hostname of your custom domain


Smart product: Improved handling of missing subscription payments for your recurring products. If a payment platform for some reason does not provide us with a cancellation event and still no payment has come in (E.g. ThriveCart does that) we check for missing subscription payments and cancel the subscription.

Smart product: Coupon handling for Kyvio Checkout has been improved for handling a limited amount of coupon usage and much better-looking visuals on the checkout page when a coupon is applied

Smart product: We’ve added support for BRL (Brazilian Real) and CNY currencies in Kyvio Checkout

Smart product: Added purge caching. As you might or might not know all your published pages are protected by DDOS service and global cache service (similar to Cloudflare, but not Cloudflare 🙂 ). Sometimes after re-publishing pages you might still see a cached version of your pages. We’ve added a purge cache feature to minimize this from happening. Note that doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all, sometimes browser cache can be very persistent so if it still happens to you just check with incognito window.

Smart product: We’ve disabled bi-yearly billing for Stripe and Paypal as those respective payment platforms just don’t support that billing period.

Smart product: We’ve improved support for Kyvio Checkout and Stripe’s updated subscription events

Bug Fixes

Builder: The checkout button plugin was showing products multiple times

Builder: links inside a popup modal you created in the builder were not working due to browser restrictions. We fixed this problem and all links inside any modal will now work just fine.

Smart product: When setting up goal tracking in Smart Products the archived products were still showing as optional goals for tracking. We’ve now removed them

Builder: we added a script that automatically fixes typos in email addresses for opt-in forms for our users however this script had a problem with .pro domain extension and wrongly corrected them. So we’ve disabled this for now until we can fix it and bring it back.

Builder: when uploading image files with ( or ) characters the CSS of your pages would break (as they are valid CSS code). We’ve applied a fix to auto-remove that for you.

Smart funnels: Funnels with + characters in the funnel name could not be downloaded, they can now.

Builder: Fixed an issue with Fontawesome icons not loading in the builder (they were loading in the published pages).

Integrations: ActiveCampaign changed some stuff in their API which broke the integrations and that is now fixed

General: Updating your username had a problem which is fixed

Smart funnels: Team users were not able to create or delete funnels

Smart Membership v2 Update:

We’ve made huge progress with SM v2, the part where users manage the structure of their membership site (product & modules) and where you set up your lessons (adding content etc) is 100% done and passed QA on staging. What is left is some work on stats for your membership site, member progress and finishing up the integrations of the dynamic membership site elements inside the builder for the best possible experience for your members.

When that is ready we can get started on the templates for the membership sites. We already have a whole bunch of designs we just need to convert them into the system. As soon as the first template is ready we will open it up for the beta on production.

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