Kyvio 1.0 May Release – ProductDyno Integration and, Smart Mailer Enhancement

Is it June already? Summer’s here – which can only mean one thing: time to stock up on ice cream!

And with all the new features and changes in Kyvio, you can scream too (sorry – bad dad joke!)

If you follow these updates you may know this already…but we are presently releasing 3-5 updates every single week inside Kyvio 1.0. We tend to bunch them up and announce them once a month.

Kyvio 2.0 news

Good news – we just made some big steps in finishing our development cluster DevOps which means we’re getting very close to have a full running app setup!

So – want to know what we’ve been cooking up inside Kyvio 1.0 since April? Check this out:


Kyvio now integrates with ProductDyno.

ProductDyno is a membership site platform, which can be used instead of Smart Memberships. In this case, we noticed that the ProductDyno team was creating some cool features, and since a lot of new Kyvians are ProductDyno customers as well, we decided to make this integration happen!

When you set this integration, you can allow ProductDyno members to also log in to your Smart Memberships members area with there PD details! You can also set up your (lead-gen) forms in Smart Funnels to directly add members to your PD members area. And the same for purchases using Automation inside Smart Memberships.

If you decide to get it – you can get 50% of their license by clicking here

You can check out a complete tutorial on this integration here.

New Features:

We have improved the help we offer on Smart Mailer. Our system now detects when a user seems to have issues with their SMTP setup. Then, we automatically open a support ticket and let our support staff know, so we can help you fix any problems you may be facing. We LOVE Kyvians, and this one is for you 🙂

May 2019 Updates from Kyvio


Clear details on your list analytics
Clear details on your list analytics
  1. Now, Smart Mailer broadcasts have added statistics to make clear how many subscribers were skipped (due to spam complaints, hard bounces, (temp) soft bounces and so on.) This gives you more transparency on why some leads are not being mailed.
  2. The list cleaner option has been improved to completely delete subscribers from your account (and not just remove from a list)
  3. Improved Smart Mailer automation UI to show what each automation does. Previously you would have to edit each one individually to see their function.
  4. Reusing your broadcasts in Smart Mailer just became friendlier. When you use this feature now, it includes all configuration details that were originally set so you don’t have to redo those.
  5. Within Smart Memberships Paypal and Stripe native integration, you can now offer 100% discount as well is now possible (previously a minimum price of $1 was enforced.)
  6. Previously, within Smart Memberships users could not remove applied coupon on check out page. We’ve added this option now.
  7. Optin HTML forms on Smart Mailer are now MUCH faster.
  8. Fixed a few spelling and grammar mistakes.
  9. Kyvio WP plugin updated. We optimized code to load a lot less and make it significantly faster. Fixed a bug where pages were showing GDPR cookie bar even if it was turned off. At the same time. we also made our plugin compatible with WP plugin.
More details on your Smart Automations
More details on your Smart Automations

Bug fixes:

  • General: Digistore24 integration membership site access was not being created in some cases – this has been fixed.
  • Smart Mailer: Broadcast segmenting stats improved (in some rare scenarios it was giving wrong numbers)
  • Smart Funnels: Custom text color-code is now shown correctly in the page editor
  • Blog Builder – managing menu / adding a custom link error has been fixed.
  • Smart Memberships: if you first had Paypal integration and had that set in your membership product, and then deleted the Paypal integration the Paypal button would still show on the checkout page. This has been fixed.
  • Smart Memberships: Facebook pixel issue fixed – in some cases, it was giving a Javascript error.
  • Smart Memberships: applying coupon on checkout page did not visually change the price on the page. This is now fixed.
  • General: notifications are improved. Sometimes notifications were showing for the wrong sites (e.g., with Thrivecart integration; is more an issue on their side but we found a solution for it anyway).
  • Smart Mailer: font and text size changing was glitchy. This is now fixed.
  • Smart Mailer: In case you had many, not all custom created optin fields were properly being saved. This is now fixed.
  • Smart Memberships: Member logout was not working correctly. This is now fixed.
  • General: media manager images with extension in capitals ‘.JPG’ could be uploaded but then didn’t show in the manager. This is now fixed.
  • Smart Memberships: setting the title didn’t actually update the page title in the HTML (and thus in your tabs). This is now fixed.
  • Smart Funnels: fixed countdown timer display in the editor (it worked when published but didn’t show correctly in the editor)

That’s it for now!

Stay active, stay engaged.

And if you don’t have it already, go get Kyvio ASAP. Our pricing changes DRAMATICALLY when Kyvio 2.0 is released to the public.

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