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In our journey to our new Kyvio platform and rewriting and rebuilding all the modules we are also renaming all the modules to fit the new brand so I wanted to introduce you to the new module names in this short blog post:

  1. Smart Funnels (Kyvio Core)
  2. Smart Products (Kyvio Core – new module yet to be released)
  3. Smart Memberships (Kyvio Core)
  4. Smart Mailer (prev InstaMailer)
  5. Smart Funnel Designer (new advanced module)
  6. Smart Affiliates (Affiliate center)
  7. Smart Agency (module for agency users)

These are going to be our focus for the next 6 months, rebuilding, adding and making this 100% totally awesome for our users with of course deep integrations and making them truly ‘SMART’ in terms of automations and how you can use it all together.

What about Blog builder & Support ticket system?
So Neil and I talked about these modules a lot and what to do with them.. we still believe these modules can add significant value for our users (the support system more so then the blog builder) but we do need to focus better to make the above mentioned modules (1-7)  kick-ass first before we can spread our attention further (its already a LOT). So that is why we have decided to put support ticket module and blog builder on a back-burner for now and put our focus on the more used modules.

So what does this mean?
The modules will stay available for all existing clients and new clients but they will not receive any updates for the foreseeable time (at least 6 months) and we’ll only fix critical bugs on them.

You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.
Sabrina Bryan

Steven & Neil

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