Kyvio 1.0 November 2018 Release – Zapier, ConvertFox and more

Note from Steven: From now on we will be posting all Kyvio updates under the Updates category on our Blog. This makes it easier for the marketing team to update and post the updates as soon as we release them. You can check out our previous changelog updates here

At present, we are grinding our way towards finalizing Kyvio 2.0. In the meantime, we are continuously making changes to Kyvio 1.0 to make it even more impressive for you.

Here’s what we were able to accomplish within the last 1.5 months:

(Quick video to check out everything we’ve added):


Zapier integration: As already announced previously, we now integrate with Zapier for Smart Mailer. Connect Kyvio Smart Mailer with all your other favorite apps using Zapier automation. Once Kyvio 2.0 is ready, we will also integrate Smart Membership with Zapier. You can click on this link to see all the steps needed to connect Zapier and Smart Mailer.




  1. Thrivecart Bump order support: You can now use the Thrivecart bump offer feature inside Kyvio! Requested by various users we now directly support this as well. Here’s a quick screenshot to show what you can expect:
  2. Integrations added for Smart Academy. Click here to see how you can get Smart Academy.
  3. ConvertFox integration: You can activate ConvertFox chat on your Smart Membership pages so you can easily and quickly communicate with your members. Think about this as an extra value-add for your members being able to chat with the experts/teachers directly.

*Note this is only available to users on monthly/yearly packages. Due to resources involved in running cron jobs 24/7, we may not be able to provide resource-intensive integrations to customers who have legacy one-time payments. You may contact the support desk and see if there are discounts you can get to upgrade to monthly/yearly packages.



  1. InstaMailer: Zapier now also made available for InstaMailer users. We previously forgot to activate it for these users. But you can now use our Zapier app as well.
  2. Smart Mailer: Autoresponder sequences where not triggered when a new subscriber came in via Zapier integration. Now they do, this bug was fixed few days after Zapier release.
  3. Smart Membership: we updated our Stripe integration to comply with some changes mandated from them.
  4. Smart Membership: the new checkout page didn’t look correctly on Safari. This is now resolved.
  5. General: fixed grammar issues in some of the automated emails and inside the app as well.
  6. General: Our WordPress plugin has been updated to support 401 error. Our system is protected against DDOS attacks when our protection layer is active due to an ongoing attack it can ask for human verification. The WP plugin tripped over this of course. Now if this happens, you can go into your WP site and do the human verification, so the plugin starts working again.
  7. General: Digistore integration did not include the buyer’s name, this is now resolved.
  8. Support module: fixed broken SSL on custom domain pages
  9. Smart Membership: you can now use ‘actions’ on manually added users too (Step 4)
  10. Smart Mailer: if you have an SMTP email provider that did not require a confirmation email for your bounce forwarding settings you could not add it. You can add it now 🙂
  11. General: This is regarding the 400 error. A few users kept being plagued with some mysterious ‘400 cookie too large’ error when they visited httP://, and instead of being forwarded to httpS:// they got that error. We have made various changes and really hope this is a thing of the past now…no guarantees though as this one is just a bizarre thing as it happens just to very few people.



  1. Smart Funnels: Changing template to a specific funnel page was not working in Smart Funnels. This issue is now resolved.
  2. Smart Mailer: when manually removing a subscriber from 1 list it removed the subscriber from all lists. This issue is now resolved.
  3. General: Team members were not able to log in for 1 day after release, we quickly fixed this.
  4. Smart Memberships: Membership lessons looked all the same. This was a bug after the release fixed the same day.
  5. General: some users had issues deleting (empty) folders in their media manager. This issue is now resolved.
  6. General: when deleting a team user the funnel pages this team member had created were also deleted. No good, of course, this was fixed a while ago when we found out.
  7. Smart funnels: A/B testing variations could not be paused and didn’t automatically re-weigh to make sure 100% of traffic is accounted. This issue is now resolved.
  8. General: Kyvio WP plugin had issues with javascript tags inserted by the user. It now supports this.

Sounds too much to take in right now?  Check out our knowledge base and learn more about each of these updates.

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