Kyvio Updates From July 2018: Onboarding, Plugin Enhancement and Custom Domains

In this article, we will be covering the detailed changelog diaries from Kyvio for the month of July 2018. You can check out our previous changelog updates here You’ll also find a video of our CTO explaining in more details our updates.

New Features:

So without further ado, here are Kyvio’s new features for this month:

  1. A New Onboarding Process: we have added a new onboarding process to our system. We know that personal videos are the best way to make customers feel welcome and appreciated. We understand how that is important in the onboarding process. For that reason, we created an automated series of videos that welcomes visitors as soon as they hop in to Kyvio. Note: You can also check the videos via the Help button in your dashboard, by clicking on the “Onboarding Guide.” 

    Kyvio update

  2. Kyvio-Wordpress Plugin Upgrade: We added this functionality for people who you are using Kyvio and WordPress in conjunction. The WordPress plugin that allows you to paste your Kyvio pages on to WordPress now has the ability to track all of the page’s stats as on any other Kyvio page. Note: Beforehand, statistic tracking for the Kyvio pages that were imported on to WordPress using our plugin did not show.

Improvement of existing functionalities:

Besides the new features, we also added some general improvements in this past month. They do not shy away from any of our modules, as we intend to keep progressing and developing them as we go:

  1. We improved the coverage of the “custom domain” option within the application. So, when mapping a domain all previous links/pages/redirects you have set up before go to the new domain. We  found a few instances where that was not happening, we made sure to change that. 
  2. We improved our Smart Funnels URL section. We included a slug checker. You can now check if your slug has been used before. Meaning you no longer will have any URL problems with your pages
  3. A few Smart Membership improvements:
    • The Membership individual product pages are now clickable. Making another access point to the modules/lesson from within the product page.
      Kyvio update
    • When setting your “Custom thank you page” for individual products, it wasn’t possible to paste a URL that included a space in between words, e.g. space. We made that possible. The real URL will not include space, instead it will be filled with the following information “%20%.”
    •  When setting up a free product on a goal page, the link would lead the customer to a payment page to purchase for $0 USD. We change that to improve your experience. Now it takes the client to the main registration page and most importantly it counts as a conversion for your statistics.
  4. We have previously improved the integrations options, now users can have multiple integrations for each site. Now we are simply polishing the final touches. We noticed that our users often faced an error related to Sendgrid integration. That error is now fixed.
  5. We have also worked on our Smart Mailer. Today, when sending a broadcast/sequence, the soft bounces, hard bounces and blacklisted emails are not included in your numbers. That will provide you with a clear and realistic open/click through numbers.

Bug fixes

While we do not cover all Bug fixes in this article, here are the most relevant bug fixes to this changelog release: 

  1. Smart Funnel bug fix – The reset statistics button for individual funnel pages has recently stopped working. That issue is now resolved. Statistics can be very useful in finding out if your paid traffic or advertisements are currently working on your page, and how well they are working. We rushed to get this done as it could make or break the analytics of your campaigns.
  2. Smart Mailer bug fixes – The first bug fix solved a navigation issue. Some of our users were not able to access the module through various portals. It was only possible through either through the dashboard or the drop-down menu of the dashboard. The second issue was surrounding the editing of individual email templates/sequence steps within your Smart Mailer. This would mean that previous emails, while could be editable, were not able to be sufficiently changed/modified. We have since resolved the issue to where each email template/sequence step can be now edited to its full potential.


If you want to learn more about these updates – check out our knowledgebase to see how you can use them.


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