Kyvio Warp Engine is powerful and it will make your website load faster!

Page load speeds are a key factor that can boost your conversion rate and make the user experience better. And while our Kyvio pages already load super fast, we decided to take things up a notch!

At Kyvio, our dream is to provide the best software solutions for entrepreneurs to grow their online businesses. We aim to be the fastest page load funnel builder, membership site builder, and site builder globally. And with this new HOT feature update, we are confident we are on the right track.

Introducing: Kyvio Warp Engine

We are proud to announce that Kyvio pages load faster than ever with this new update! We’ve created some huge sales pages and we recently tested our biggest. With that weight and size, it only took 1.3 seconds to load fully interactively.

We’ve implemented a new technology called HTTP/2 Push Technology which has made the load times even quicker than ever before! Visitors also get an improved experience because of the slick and snappy interface that is ready for interaction as soon as it loads. 

For the SEO folks out there; our CLS score is 0.0 – the best it can be!

How fast do your web pages load?

Your visitors will become impatient and go elsewhere if the pages take time to load.

Load time is vital for your visitors and conversion rates. But did you also know that load times have a significant impact on Google ranks websites by how fast they load, and slow loading times mean that your site will have a lower ranking? So if you want to rank higher on Google for the keywords people use this year then take action now!

Kyvio pages have always been quick because we use a fantastic caching & optimization system – but now we are even faster! Kyvio’s HTTP/2 Push Technology makes our load times crazy fast for all devices and browsers.

Research shows that people are more likely to abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, the load time of your website impacts conversion rates. 

Kyvio knows how frustrating slow load times are, so our team has developed innovative ways to make sure all pages load in 2 seconds or less – even if they’re large sales pages!

We have one more round of speed optimizations to go, and once it’s done we’re confident that no other page load funnel or membership site can compete with our fast loading times.

Now, visitors won’t have to wait long for your pages to load, and you will be able to convert more of them into customers.

Kyvio warp engine in action!

If you want to see the Kyvio Warp Engine in action as to how fast it is, please click here.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us here

Important Note: The new Kyvio Warp Engine has already been applied to the new funnels. But the old Kyvio users must republish their website to apply this technology.

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