We moved to Kyvio.com! YaY!

Hey there fellow Kyvians!

K-day has finally arrived 🙂 – we have moved everything from insta-suite.com to the new domain kyvio.com.

Our team prepared and everything was all done and good in just under 10 minutes!! So big congrats to the whole Kyvio Team! Some people had bit longer delays for the subdomains to work because of slow DNS propagation but that was something outside of our control unfortunately.

Do I need to do anything?

Everything is properly forwarded however we do strongly recommend you to update any and all links you have to the insta-suite.com domain to kyvio.com. Also if you have any custom while label domain setting with CNAME to insta-suite.com you should update this to [sitename].kyvio.com. All will work but it will be faster for your site visitors and at some point in the far future we will probably drop the insta-suite.com domain completely.

Is this all?

Noooooo 🙂 this is just the beginning! Next up is a huge major interface update.
<br/ >Then multiple new modules that will be launched and in the background we’re changing basically… well .. everything to keep this puppy going and helping you run your online business for the rest if its life!

I think we already proven many times over this is not a short term product but we’re in it for the long haul and we highly appreciate all of you jumping in, in these still early stages (yes 1.5year old is still early stages in our plan 🙂 ). Your support is making this platform bigger and better every month. Buying Kyvio is basically like a low risk high reward investment (instead of say crypto which is a very high risk, high reward investment).

Keep an eye on this blog for the next update (favorite me please? :$) !

Talk soon

Steven van der Peijl & Neil Napier

& the whole Kyvio family.

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