Fix the complicated checkout process with 1-click upsell

Ting! HOT New feature alert! 1-click upsell.

1-click upsell payments are here, and we’re super-duper excited about it…

Our private Facebook group is always on fire with questions and feature suggestions. 

Recently, one of our customers asked, “How do I increase sales?”. We responded with one word: CONVERSION

Adding one-click upsells to your funnels is a surefire way to increase your conversions and overall sales. So, our newest (and most requested feature) HOT feature is the one-click upsell feature

The one-click upsell has been proven to work time and time again. This strategy takes advantage of customers’ impulse to buy more (especially if they are already on your site). 

What is a 1-click upsell payment?

One-click upsell is an additional product or service that allows customers to make one more purchase with just one click without going through the whole checkout process, and it’s typically shown as one of the last steps in the funnel. 

Customers love one-click upsells! Clicking one button is much easier than going through a series of steps to enter their payment details.

It is one of the most popular conversion optimization strategies for businesses, and it couldn’t be easier to set it up! Moreover, it has a high success rate because customers are willing to make another purchase if it takes less than a second, and you have more information about them before they click the buy button.

Why should I use this feature?

Simple. If you have a sales funnel for your online business, you NEED to take advantage of this feature to increase your conversions. With this new update, Kyvio now supports a 1-click upsell feature that allows customers to complete their order with one click of the mouse—eliminating the need to input payment information.

Kyvio’s one-click upsell feature will be shown after an order has been placed. 

Here are four reasons why vendors should consider using the one-click upsell: 

1) It increases conversion rates

2) It lets customers purchase without leaving the page

3) Upselling has been proven to be 3x as effective as cross-selling (which means it could bring in more money)

4) With one click, it simplifies the purchasing process

How to use the 1-click upsell feature?

Do you want to know how to use this feature? Then check it out right here.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us here

Payment methods for 1-click upsell:

For Stripe; to use the 1-click upsell (or down-sell) feature Stripe is the best choice and the smoothes experience for the buyer.

For Paypal; it is more of a 2-click upsell. The checkout process is a lot shorter but it’s not just 1-click.

Note: the 1-click upsell functionality only works for one funnel with a max expiration time of 6 hours. After 6 hours, the user will need to do a checkout, as usual, filling out their details. It is a security measure and also protects you from unwanted chargebacks.

Let’s wrap it up!

The one-click upsell is one of the best conversion features a vendor can use because it’s one more step before people leave. It helps increase conversions for your upsells in a funnel and ensures you’re not losing out on any potential revenue. If you want to see one of our other features, see how we protect your website and forms from bots.

It’s not just about one sale; it’s about getting more sales in a funnel!

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