New Kyvio Discussion feature!

Woo-hoo! You can now turn On/Off the option for your member to comment or discuss one of your membership site lessons with the new Kyvio Discussion Feature!

We’ve rolled out many exciting new features this month that aims to make your Kyvio experience more delightful.

Many people love to interact with other members when they are learning something new. They want to ask questions, discuss content, and get feedback from others who have gone through the same. But not every person is interested in this type of interaction. Sometimes we need a quick answer or clarification for our use and don’t want it shared with everyone else on the site.

Introducing the Smart Memberships’ discussion feature

We have been listening to feedback from our users, and we are excited to announce that you, as an administrator, can now restrict rights for members to post comments on your membership site. 

The product discussion board is an excellent way for your members to comment, ask questions, and discuss lesson content, but it can also be challenging to manage.

You are in total control of your membership site.

Now you may be wondering how you can restrict the comments of your product in a discussion? 

First of all, as an admin, you can now turn on or off the ability for members to comment on a single lesson. Of course, we also offer the ability to bulk turn on/off comments on multiple lessons. 

Then the Kyvio admins also have the right to change posts to private and delete comments.

The member’s in their turn also have the option to mark their comment ‘private’ when they submit the comment. So what does this ‘private’ setting mean? It means that only the poster (the member) and the Kyvio admin(s) can see the post. This allows members to ask questions in private or provide feedback on the lessons in private.

How to turn the discussion feature on/off in Kyvio?

1. To do this, you have to first enable Lesson Comments as it is set to disable by default. Please go to Smart Products > Product Overview then click on Edit for the module where the lesson is.


 2. Once you’ve clicked on edit, choose the Module and Lesson you want to enable the discussion feature then click on Edit 


  3. Go to Settings > Lesson Comments then select Enabled then make sure to Save Settings then apply the changes.


4. Once the feature is enabled, a user would be able to see the lesson comments at the bottom of the page and put in their thoughts & questions. They can also comment and like other users’ posts on the comments as they see fit. 


Note: If you created your Membership Site before June 2021 then you might have added the previous version of the discussion feature as a separate plugin. You will have to delete this plugin now as the discussion feature is automatically included at the bottom of the lesson content plugin.

If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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