November Kyvio & Funnelvio Updates Part 1

We are going to try to stick more rigidly to publish release details for Kyvio / Funnelvio updates every 2 weeks as sometimes we get too busy with working on the new features and improvements and forget to tell all you amazing Kyvians about them :).

Besides all updates mentioned in this post we continue our work on Smart Memberships albeit this is still hidden from public view.

New features

Smart Products: Frontend change for ‘always free’ product Payment integration not required for free products

Smart Funnels: we enabled cloning for imported pages!


General: PayKickStart integration improvements for Smart Products since this was released 2 weeks ago.

Smart Funnels: we changed stripe connect logo on the checkout page to a more generic ‘card payment’ as customers won’t care or know what ‘Stripe connect’ is.

Smart Funnels: optin form submit button was missing from Mailchimp html subscription forms. This is a common issue with Mailchimp and they even have a FAQ on how to solve it manually but we are here to make your life easier so we build in a fix on our side for this issue.

Bug Fixes

Smart Products: Cancel subscription link cancelling of subscription is now working properly. User got an error if he/she tried to cancel an already cancelled subscription. The user is now also redirected to the correct page after clicking the product support button and the support link in the error message.

Smart Products: user can’t select an option in currency dropdown when creating or updating a product

Smart Products: photo was not saved when creating/updating a product.

General: in some rare cases the published funnel pages were messed up when we map a custom domain.

Smart Funnels: permanent delete funnel gave a wrong error message in certain situations.

Smart Funnels: we improved various error messages in the app for better communication to our users.

Kyvio builder: gallery issue fixed in case you uploaded a .webp image format. The gallery now also fully supports webp format w/o problems.

That is it for this update!

Some noteworthy soon upcoming updates:

HOT: Kyvio builder Optin Form. Much awaited our feature inside the builder to generate optin forms based on the integrations you have or just easily copy/paste the HTML code from your auto-reponder (or what-ever tool that creates your optin forms) in your pages.

Note its in BETA so that means we are still testing the many many different usage scenarios that exist. This one missed being included in this update due to a small error found in last minute tests.

All the best & Take care
Your Kyvio Team

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