October Kyvio & Funnelvio Updates

Another big update!

We are continuing improving our Quality Assurance processes and making big steps towards our goal. Our goal being ‘Continuous Deployment’, this means that every fix, improvement and new feature go to production as soon as they are ready instead of having to wait and group them into ‘releases’. That means that fixes and new features get into your hands MUCH faster.

However to do that we need a VERY solid and proven (highly automated) testing process, which is what we are working towards.

New features

HOT Smart Products: we have added PayKickStart as a new payment provider integration

Smart Funnels: permanent bulk delete for funnels is added

Smart Funnels: the ‘Traffic costs’ tab in your page settings in Smart Funnels is added to track your costs for your reports.


Dashboard: we made many improvements and a few fixes for domain switching. Domain switching is a process that takes some time as we rely on 3rd party API’s (Google) to move all files to correct place for your new domain. This is quite a complex process to make sure all works. With these improvements we worked hard to better communication with you to understand what is going on, especially if something goes wrong during the process.

Dashboard: Notifications have received many improvements. You will now always see all notification no matter where in the platform you are, clicking through inside the notifications is improved for easier navigation. The number you see are the unread notifications.

Dashboard: integration values (e.g. API keys) are now hidden from team member accounts. They can still set and unset values for you but they can’t read the current values.

Dashboard: various UX improvements in various places.

Smart Funnels: retry functionality when importing funnel pages is improved both on backend and frontend. If an import fails we now always retry once more automatically. If that 2nd time also fails you can manually retry 2 more times and then it will give a permanent failure. We implemented this functionality because sometimes import can fail if the web page is loading too slow and that can be a temporarily issue.

Smart Products: various improvements in regard with creating coupon codes for Kyvio checkout.

Smart Products: we put a character limit in the product description as this is required for some Payment platform integrations.

Smart Products: various UX improvements (8 to be precise). Stuff like adding tooltips (or better ones) the difference between archiving a product and (permanently) deleting one etc.

Smart Funnels: importing some sites failed when we did a check to make sure the URL actually gives us a 20x HTTP code (that it exists and loads). During the check it gave an error code due to how we executed the check but when you visit the page with a browser it worked just fine. We now updated the way we do the check to pretend to be a browser so this is not an issue anymore.

Kyvio builder: In the settings menu there was an option named ‘landing page’ – this was confusing and doesn’t tell you much so we renamed this to reflect what it actually does; create a ‘one pager’ (site / funnel). So when you turn this on you turn your whole site or funnel into a one pager site.

Bug Fixes

Dashboard: Photo uploading in your profile was not working correctly, this is now fixed

Dashboard: some URL’s were not getting passed our validation, this is fixed.

Dashboard: it is not possible anymore to delete your last Kyvio site.

Dashboard: sending in request to have your Kyvio 2 account completely deleted is fixed.

Smart Products: cancel subscription for your users link in one of the Visa-requirements emails is fixed. In certain situations it redirected to wrong URL.

Smart Funnels: turning ON or OFF your affiliate badge on your kyvio published pages from the Dashboard is now fixed so you can use this to earn money promoting your favorite marketing automation platform!

Smart Funnels: if you were using popups + multi language pages the publishing of your page(s) was giving an error. This is fixed now.

Smart Funnels: preview of templates got broken, so we fixed this.

Smart Funnels: some fixes done for IE11 for the published pages

That is it for this update!

Some noteworthy soon upcoming updates:

HOT: Kyvio builder Optin Form. Much awaited our feature inside the builder to generate optin forms based on the integrations you have or just easily copy/paste the HTML code from your auto-reponder (or what-ever tool that creates your optin forms) in your pages. Note its in BETA so that means we are still testing the many many different usage scenarios that exist

– transaction overview for subscriptions. This will include granular control to refund or partially refund transactions without cancelling the subscription

– Significant changes to ‘always free’ products in Smart Products. You won’t need any payment integration anymore to set this up.

– Fixing & improvements of stats tracking for funnels including better conversion stats and goal tracking (based on your settings for this)

– Ability to clone imported pages

– We are working on a ‘blog’ a-like functionality inside the Kyvio builder. This is NOT something to replace a full WordPress blog but to effectively use blog content-like pages in your online customer journeys & funnels.

– Our new template builder is working full time now and working to finish up the fixes in the existing funnel templates and will soon start working on the many new designs we have waiting so we can start releasing them.

All the best & Take care
Your Kyvio Team

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