Where it all started…

Neil and Steven met online when Steven was preparing to launch his first SaaS in Internet Marketing. Steven, being an expert at software development had zero branding experience. He didn’t understand the market he was about to enter.

Neil jumped in to help Steven avoid screwing up his first launch. While doing that, he noticed the quality of the software and the potential behind it. In the months that followed, they continued talking and helping each other until they finally met at a conference in Orlando.

At this conference, other digital marketers who also knew each other online hung out. To this day, they’re all good friends and still share invaluable business lessons.

It’s not clear who recommended a skydiving excursion. But a few folks decided to skip the conference and well – jump out of an airplane.

5 people left the conference hotel one morning. Skipping the day’s talks, they drove for 2 hours to a small airport. Once they arrived at the skydiving center, they had to wait for a few hours before the action started. Everyone was becoming more nervous by the minute. They had to find something to talk about to take their minds off the fact they were about to fly up to 14,000 feet. And – knowingly jump out of a perfectly safe airplane and free-fall for 60 seconds.

DING DONG…the bell went – time to FLY!

They all wore their skydiving gear and walked to the small plane. Some members of the group made uncomfortable jokes on the way…a sign that they were still nervous.


During the “long” flight up to 14,000 feet, everyone was silent…then the moment came. The door opened. Everyone was strapped way too close for comfort. They moved towards the open plane door, getting closer to a huge gaping hole.

The instructor positioned himself on the edge. Everyone dangled outside the airplane with nothing under their feet. In such a moment, all your senses go in hyperdrive due to the wind blowing in your face like never before and whoosh… there they went one by one- floating in the air.

8 minutes later – they landed after what turned out to be an amazing jump. This common shared experience solidified their friendship.

When you go through such adventures together, you always form a strong bond.

Back on the ground, and back on business – Steven and Neil agreed that something important was missing in the market. They sat down and mapped out what they could co-create. They wanted to change the way how people use funnels and sell products.

As they continued talking at a deeper level, Neil and Steven realized that they had a similar vision: Creating a smart and adaptive platform.

It would allow you – a small business owner – to create a personalized experience for each of your site’s visitors. This would help you reach more people and create positive change in their lives.

In the days that followed, they aligned their vision and created one big vision and goal, hence Adaptively was born.

Not too long after, Neil and Steven decided to get married.

Yes, you heard me right.

Okay… a business partnership is like marriage without intimacy :D.

They have their differences and argue once in a while, but they always end up somewhere in the middle. No counseling needed!

So while the preparation of Adaptively was in full swing, an opportunity came on their path: InstaSuite. It was started by Suzanna Theresia and her team in 2016. Suzanna needed help in bringing the product to market. She reached out to Neil due to his outstanding marketing skills and A+ reputation in the market.

Huh? But wasn’t this the origin story of Kyvio?

Stay with me…we’re almost there 🙂

After the launch, it emerged that Suzanna would not bring Instasuite to its full potential as she needed to focus on her health.

Neil suggested to Steven that they buy Instasuite, and take full ownership and use it as the foundation for Adaptively. This would evolve into an all-in-one platform providing smart adaptive funnels, membership sites, email marketing capability and more!

And that’s how the vision of Kyvio was born in 2016.

After many iterations, sleepless nights, and countless laggy skype calls, Kyvio opened to the public in 2017. Since then, while they haven’t jumped out of another plane, every day has always been adventurous.

…and you have the opportunity to be part of it!

Neil Napier is a charismatic leader of people. He excels as a CEO by empowering people to spread their wings and develop their super-powers. Neil cares about his customers and is available for them more than his wife would prefer. He loves teaching and uses this skill to go the extra mile for his customers’ success.

Steven van der Peijl is a no-BS straight shooter from the Netherlands. He is an expert in systematizing technology processes. He loves animals, extreme sports, and cutting-edge technology. Steven started his first business when he was 14 years old and exited his first bootstrapped SEO SaaS at 33. He creates software that helps people focus on their unique super-powers to grow their businesses and automate everything else.

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